How to Manage Your Time Effectively….

Even though we are all given the same amount of time everyday, how come some people are able to accomplish more in one day than others can possibly do in a week? Is it laziness? Lack of ambition? Moving at a slow pace? Other than possessing different levels of energy, the reason must be that one person is able to manage their time effectively. This doesn’t mean that one person works harder. No, it means that the person who does more has learned how to work smarter. They manage their time effectively so they can fit more work time, as well as relaxation time, into their lives every day.

If you need to learn how to manage your time better, get started today- right now!- by trying these simple tips:

1. Set Definite Time Limits
Let’s face it, many people are slowpokes. No matter what they are doing, they like to relax and take their time at it. This may be fine if you have hours and hours of time on your hands. But, if you’re like most everyone, you don’t. You most always have something to do and somewhere to go.

So, if you’re a dawdler, but you want to get more done, you’re going to have to learn to practice self-control and set limits on your time. This is simply done by allowing yourself a specific amount of time per each task you want to get done. For example, let’s say you want to wash your car at home. You’ll need time to rinse it off with a garden hose; wash it with soapy water; rinse it thoroughly; dry and shine the windows and the chrome; and finally, dry off the rest of the car. Let’s say you decide that you can get all of that accomplished in one hour. Set a kitchen timer for sixty minutes, and then, get busy! Your task should be completed by the time sixty minutes is up.

Here’s a bonus tip for you: Want to get done even quicker? Reward yourself for a job well done!
If you finish before the timer goes off, allow yourself a break during the remaining time.

2. Set Work Limits for Yourself
If you try to be “Superman” or “Superwoman” and try to get everything done yourself, you’re going to fail miserably. Why? Because there are only twenty-four hours in a day. You need time for work, play, nourishment, and for rest to live a balanced life. So, if you have too many tasks on “your plate”, learn how to delegate. Enlist the aid of your husband, wife, partner, and/or kids to help out around the house and make your life easier. Make up a list of the everyday chores that your kids need to do. Depending on the age(s) of your child(ren), these chores can be feeding the family pets, taking the trash out, making their beds, walking the dog, setting the dinner table, washing the dinner dishes, and so on.

Then, talk to your husband, wife, or partner taking on a few more responsibilities around the house. If no one has the extra time to help you out, then you should hire either full or part time help.

3. Learn to Just Say “No”
Have you ever had the desire to become popular? If you do, then just become “reliable” and learn to shake your head up and down endlessly. People who are trustworthy, and who don’t know how to say “no”, are often shamelessly asked for favors. “My sitter quit. Can you babysit for me all this week?” – “We need you to bake six dozen cookies for the bake sale…by tomorrow.”- “I’m having a dinner tonight, but my oven’s broken. Can you bring the main course?” The requests can just go on and on. Of course, the more requests that you get and agree to, the more time is sucked out of your life. What a waste!

Take control and learn to set priorities. Most important of all, learn to just say, “No!” Your time is just as important as anyone else’s. In order to manage your time effectively, you must decide what jobs are the most important and need done first. The rest can wait! Don’t let anyone plan your time with their activities. Also, don’t let yourself feel obligated every time someone asks you to do something.

If you just follow one or more of these tips, you’re bound to see a difference in the amount of time you have in your life.

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