How to Organize Your DVD Collection

I had lots of DVD’s cluttering my life before my sister-in-law introduced me to this terrific tip. If you use this tip, I would love it if you leave a comment and let me know any additional suggestions you might have. This wonderful tip will reduce clutter and put all your DVD’s in a single spot where they are easy to access. You will also be able to take your DVD’s with you wherever you need to go. This tip alone has reduced a lot of stress in my life. I did not realize before encorporating this tip how stressful a pile of DVD’s can be. Therefore, I highly recommend this tip for organizing your dvd’s & it also works for organizing computer cd’s and music cd’s.

First get a big black case that organizes DVD’s. This can be found at Wal-mart, Best Buy, Circuit City or other electronic store. You also may be able to find it at a store that specializes in organization products or perhaps Target. You can buy additional cases to match for your music cds and your computer cds. Simply label the cases so you know which case is which. The cases are sold in the electronics department for $11 – $20 each.

Next, take the DVD’s out of their original black case. Then, put the DVD’s in the large case along with their paper insert. You can alphabetize it and arrange the order of the inserts.

You can now go and do the same thing with your computer CD’s. For computer CDs, you might want to buy a smaller case that will sit on your printer stand for easy access.

Then grab another case for your music CD’s and audio books. These are great to have in the same spot. Be sure to put the inserts in with your CD’s.

Now you will have several black cases without a home. I recommend you donate these to your local library or your DVD rental store nearby might be able to use them. Also some of the DVD & CD exchange websites might have members within the community that can use them. Does a place near you recycle plastic? Bring the cases to these locations. I don’t know if they will take them but they probably will. Recycle the plastic so the excess won’t hurt our landfill and streamline your life!

Congratulations! You have read an article that will truly change your life!

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