How to Organize Your Kitchen

To properly organize your kitchen, start from scratch. First remove everything from the cabinets then group them according to where they will be used. This is a good time to throw stuff away. If you have not used the item in over a year or two, consider giving it to goodwill. The key to cabinet storage is to make everything accessible while avoiding stacking.

Pots and Pans

These take up a lot of storage space. Fortunately you can organize them in a variety of ways. You can use a decorative wrought iron rack on a kitchen wall or as I have in my kitchen, a suspended one from the ceiling. This can be a fantastic look that can help update your kitchen style.

The pot lids can be organized by adding shallow racks to the back of the cabinet doors.

Baking and Cookie Treys

These can be stored by adding horizontal dividers to a cabinet. Add pull out shelving to maximize storage space in narrow cabinets.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans give you instant easy access to wasted corner spaces. If you have a L shaped countertop, then you probably could use a Lazy Susan.

Spices and Small jars

Wire baskets on the inside of your pantry door or cabinet door provides easy access to small items used for cooking.

Kitchen Work Triangle

The kitchen work triangle connects your kitchen. The distance between the areas should be between 4 to 9 feet. The total of the three sides of the triangle should not exceed 25 feet.

It is important to keep the area as clear a possible.

Now let’s look at the three zones of a kitchen triangle.

The Preparation Area

The best spot for this is between the refrigerator and the sink. This is the place to store basic ingredients as well as bowels and cups. The dishwasher should be located within three feet of the sink. It’s also a good idea to leave at least one foot of counter space on the latch side of the refrigerator. This will help allow the refrigerator to open completely. Also leave some space near the cooking area for a smoke detector and fire extinguisher.

Cooking and Serving Area

Cookie treys, pots and pans as well as cooking utensils should be located near the oven so they are hand when cooking.

Sink Area

Silverware and tableware goes in this area so storage after cleaning is easy.

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