How to Overcome a Game Killer

Let’s face it, unless you look like Brad Pitt or have a trust fund the size of Rhode Island, your game is at the mercy of her friends. I’m talking about game killers. Indeed, this breed of people come in many forms, ranging from the jealous to the love struck, and who’s sole purpose is to kill your chances at scoring with hotties.

Jay-z’s advice on dealing with such people is to “brush our shoulders off”. Unfortunatly, it’s not that easy. (Trust me, I’ve tried it and all I got were wierd looks) So! I have put together a guide, if you will, on overcoming game killers and their killing of game antics.

1. Her needy friend

This friend is constantly at your prey’s side. She will not only listen to your conversation, but will also give her unwanted opinion. She typically views men as bastards and is very in touch with the phrase, “girl power”. Often, before going out with the girls she will lock arms with them in female comradery and proclaim, “We go together, we leave together.”

Solution: The meat shield. The meat shield is a term used for a guy who’s job is essentially to be cannon fodder in the form of a universal date. Meaning, if and when “Her needy friend” is…well being needy, his job is to draw her away, whereby giving you your much needed mac time.

2. Her jealous friend

This friend will put down your prey in order to build herself up. Often times it comes in the form of subtle interjections. While you are “listening” to your potential sleep over buddy spill over her upcoming charity work in the projects this summer, her friend will point out that she will not have enough time for much else, implying no time for you.

Solution: “Mr. here and now” Mr. here and now is a personality who’s spirit is free and lives life day by day. He see’s life as an adventure and commends Ms.prey on her endevours, whereby making himself agreeable and shifting the attention from the bad side of time, to the good.

3. Your idiot friend

This friend lacks discretion at crucial times. During conversation, he will say things like, “Have those bastards at the un-employment agency called you back yet? It’s been months. ” or “Dude, we better hurry, the last bus leaves in 10 minutes.”

Solution: The point and beat. You point out some imaginary foriegn object in your preys hair. She becomes self concious and goes to the bathroom. After she’s gone, you are free to beat your friend.

4. Your ‘ex’

By far, the most annoying cock blocker is the ‘ex’. She will “run into” your prey in the bathroom and tell her what an inconsiderate jerk you are. Your prey will then question the credability of such statements and work them into your conversation in the form of tests. For example, If it is said that you are a lazy slob, she may tell you that she can’t stand it when her pad is dirty. (pad probabley wasn’t the best term to substitute ‘home’ with) She’s set the hook and is now looking for a response from you in terms of how you live.

Solution: This calls for the big guns. You will use a little bit of every solution previously given. The meat sheild will be sent back to your place to clean, Mr. here and now will put some method to your madness, and you will point out a distraction that leads her away, giving you time to find your ex and tell her to beat it.

So! Hopefully you’ve learned about defending yourself against game killers and will be prepared, if and when the situation presents itself. In the words of G.I. Joe, “Knowing is half the battle”.

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