How to Pack a School Lunch

Most children get packed a school lunch by their mother or father. Packing a school lunch is very easy and can save a family a lot of money over the year. By following these easy steps, you can pack your child a school lunch that is tasty and your child will appreciate.

School lunch usually consists of a sandwhich at a minimum and/ or a snack and drink to go along with it. Common Sandwhiches include Turkey, Ham, Cheese, Tuna, Egg Salad or Chicken on two slices of bread.

Common drinks include soda, water, ice tea, orange juice, grape juice, apple juice, milk or chocolate milk. The simplest drinks can come in the form of a small juice box or a milk carton or a water bottle.

In addition, some parents like to throw in a snack. Snacks can range from cookies, sweets, cake, ice cream and pie to a healthy snack such as an apple, orange, pear, plum or other fruit.

The most convenient way to pack a school lunch is by putting it in a zip lock bag or a plastic bag. The most common way is to put the sandwhich in a zip lock bag so that it stays fresh while putting the rest of the meal in a brown paper bag. Many studens also have hard lunch boxes which can be bought at any store for a few dollars. The hard lunch boxes have all kinds of shapes and designs such as comic book heros to car designs and sports players. The Hard lunch box will protect the lunch from getting squished on the bus ride or in a cabinet. A hard lunch box will also help you and your child remember to pack a lunch and prevent a child from losing his or her lunch. Most lunch boxes have an easy to carry strap or hook to carry the box. In addition most lunch boxes are very light so that every child can carry it.

Parents that opt not to pack a lunch for their child have their son or daughther eat the school cafeteria food. There is nothing wrong with cafeteria food but there are many advantages to packing a school lunch from home.

First, it will save you money. School lunches can cost betwwen $1- $2 each day and the costs can add up over a period of a year. In addition, most home made lunches students have found taste better than cafeteria food.

A more important point is that parents can control what kind of food their child is eating for lunch. Parents can pack a nutritious lunch for their child that gives them the nuntrients they need to stay healthy and prevent him or her from eating sweets and junk food that will make them overwieght. A healthy snack such as a fruit will put the child on a nutritious diet that they can follow on their own.

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