How to Plan Building a Home Bar

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own bar? Bars are great for parties, holidays, or just entertaining friends and family. You will need to layout some planning guide lines before considering how and where to have your bar built. Your budget is going to be a big determining factor on your planning. Below I have outlined a few things you will need to consider before attempting to build a bar or have one built for you.

Location- You will need to determine what room you want your bar in. Bars are typically found in family rooms, basements, or a den. Another factor that will determine location is access to plumbing. If you want a sink installed in your bar, you will need access to your hot and cold water lines and drainage.

Accessories- Besides having a sink installed, bars also are usually equipped with a small refrigerator. You will need to make sure that you have an AC outlet close by that can power your refrigerator. If there is no AC outlet close by you will need to have one installed.

Construction– Installing a sink and refrigerator in your bar will require a custom built bar in most cases. Hiring a carpenter, plumber and maybe an electrician will raise the cost thousands of dollars.

Budget- If your finances are very limited then you can purchase one at a Home Center and buy one that you can assemble yourself or have pre-assembled and delivered to your home.. This will be a basic bar with two stools and a few shelves to hold your glasses and liquor.

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