How to Plan a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is so much fun. There is many items to make all look just right. There are many people to invite. When planning a baby shower for someone it takes time and work. Have a few people help you out.

The first person can take down a list of family and friends and send the invitations out. Keep count of heads that are attending. The second person can go out and buy the decorations and set them up. Decorating takes so much time. It does not have to be perfect but adding these decorations to the table, walls, doors and windows look so pretty.

The third person can make the food and dessert. Whether you want to make food or order it you need to bring in some food. People love to go to a party and they do expect to eat. This is a baby shower so people will be here for a few hours. You want to make them happy and comfortable. You can make small sandwiches. Set up a table for drinks. Have another table for snacks like chips, cheese and crackers, pickles, dips, cookies, pastry, and peanuts. These are great to have at a party. You do not have to spend a lot of money on orderign food if you can get it yourself. Make a list and head out to the store. Only get what is on the list so you do not over do it. Save your coupons in the paper. They help save a bunch.

Sometimes we get confused in what to buy for someones baby shower. Here are some items you can buy for this baby and mother to be:

Diaper bag
Baby books how to care, feed and bond
Comforter set
A few bags of diapers, wipes
A gift certificate to the mall or market
Lullaby music
Baby’s first album
A gift certificate for the mom to be for a day at the spa
Gift bag full of bottles, pacifiers

Baby showers can be overwhelming and fun. You can rent out a hall or have it at a family members home. Make sure the mother to be is out and does not know. This is a surprise. Sometimes they do know or find out. They can find out but do not tell them the day. Have them be a little surprised.

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