How to Prepare Your Children for Their Final Exams

The school year will soon be coming to a close. During the last month of school there is usually a lot going on. One thing in particular is the final exams of the school year. These final exams are very important, especially for those students who’s grades have not been very good throughout the course of the year. Final exams are also very important for seniors. Even if they have already passed the SAT’s they still need to make sure the finish the school year strong. Some kids feel that they do not have to study or prepare for any type of final exams. As a parent you need to make sure that your child or young adult is prepared for their final exams. Even if they feel they already know the information, they should still take the time to review.

It is important that you take the time, to find out what your child’s weakest subject is. For example if they have been getting low grades in one particular subject, then you will want to focus more attention on this subject. Of course it will be very difficult to get them to actually want to sit down and study, especially since it is starting to get warmer outside, and they are eagerly looking forward to hanging out with their friends. You can start by trying to make it fun, and not so serious. If you have a teenager than you can suggest they do some studying, for a few hours and then go out afterward. You can also look over some of the work that they are studying and make up a short question and answer test for them to fill out. Do not feel bad if they start to complain and argue. When they are in college a few years later they will understand why you were so concerned with their grades. You could also try pointing out that not doing well on the exam, could cause them to end up in summer school. Summer school will usually take up half of their summer and they will not be able to enjoy much of anything.

If you have younger children then you can sit down with them and have some snacks prepared. It will probably be best if you spend a few hours in the evening reviewing some things with them. Usually as they get closer to the end of the school year, the teachers will not give as much homework as the did in the earlier part of the year. This way they will still be able to have plenty of time to enjoy their weekends, and you can have the peace of mind that they are fully prepared for their exams. If however, you see that your child does pass but barely, then you may still want to get them some extra tutoring over the summer months. Of course you do not want to make it an everyday all day thing. You could sign them up for a tutoring program that is only one afternoon or morning a week. This way they still have plenty of fun during the summer months, and they will be well prepared for next year.

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