How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Selling a home involves more than just putting it up for sale. If you want buyers to be genuinely interested in your home, then you must take certain steps to make it appealing to them. A buyer isn’t going to be interested in purchasing a massive mansion if it is clogged with dust, dirt, and junk. Yes, it is a mansion. However, the untidy nature of the home has caused the buyer to rethink his or her decision. The same concept applies to your home. You must ensure everything is cleaned, repaired, and ready for display.

Curb Appeal

Acquiring curb appeal entails beginning your mission literally at the curb.

– If you have a fence, repair any broken planks and repaint the entire fence. It needs to look fresh and luminous.

– Think about power-washing your driveway and any nearby sidewalks. If your driveway has cracks in it, make sure you fix them by laying new cement.

– Mow your lawn, weed your garden beds, and prune any trees or hedges in your yard.

Outside of the House

Next, you must prepare the outside of the house.

– If the paint is wearing thin, then repaint your home. This is in fact probably the most important part of preparing your home for sale. Fresh paint will help your home stand out.

– If your front door knob is squeaky, sticky, or loose, then fix it. It would be embarrassing and unnecessary if your buyer encounters a problem before even going inside.

– Wash all your house windows (if possible) and remove any noticeable stains.

Inside of the Home

Now, you must prepare the inside of the home.

– The inside should smell fresh and natural. I say natural because too much air freshener can be just as offensive as the odor of smoke.

– Clean all the furniture, vacuum the carpets, and either wash or paint the walls. You might also consider cleaning the ceiling as well.

– Tidy up your home and store all your gadgets, especially in the kitchen. Buyers aren’t interested in seeing all your fancy appliances. It takes away from the overall look of the home.

Before the Showing

Finally, you must make last minute preparations before the showing.

– Make certain that every light is on. Nobody wants to stroll through a dark and gloomy house.

– Open up all the blinds and curtains so outside light can also make its way inside.


Selling your home requires that you spend the time to thoroughly clean your home, both inside and out. Don’t be hesitant about going the extra mile. Your house must appear spotless and absolutely dazzling to prospective buyers. It can make the difference between a sale versus no sale!

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