How to Prepare for a Hurricane

It’s hurricane season, once again. Chances are if you live on the east coast, the west coast, or on the Gulf coast, you have experienced a hurricane at one time or another. However, if you live in the northeast where the waters are cooler, you may take it for granted that you will get hit with a hurricane sooner or later. So do you know how to prepare for a hurricane, in case one should hit your area?

If you are not from an area that is regularly threatened by hurricanes, chances are you don’t know how to prepare your home properly. Once you have been alerted that a hurricane is headed your way you have to buy the proper supplies that are needed to protect both your family and your home for the storm.

You will need the following from either The Home Depot, Lowes, or any other hardware store in your area.

Wood to cover all of your home’s windows (Duck tape will not work to protect your windows that is only a myth).

A generator, in case you lose power.



Coolers, to put refrigerated food.

Tarps in case there is severe damage done to your roof.

Gas or charcoal, for your grill.

If you have a leaky basement, now would be a good time to water proof it. So be sure to buy some sealer for that.

From the grocery store and pharmacy you will need:

All medications that are needed for everyday use must be renewed immediately.

A battery operated radio.

Ready to eat foods such as: chips, cookies, cakes, dried fruits, nuts, and cereals are good to eat both during and after the storm.



Canned food such as: Fruit cocktail, canned pasta, soups

water ( buy a lot you’ll need for cooking, bathing, and drinking)

Paper plates and cups


plastic utensils

Also remember if you have an infant in the house you’ll need to stock up on formula, diapers, and baby food

Other ways to protect your family and home from a hurricane are:

Park your vehicle sideways in front of your garage door to help block the wind. By doing this, it will help prevent further structural damage done to your home. Find an inner room in your home without windows and try to stay there. Do not open any doors during the storm, doing so can cause damage to you home.

Do not go out after the storm has ended until everything has cleared. Most deaths happen after the storm due to downed power lines. And remember to have all emergency numbers on hand.

For more tips on how to prepare for a hurricane you may go to the following links. or

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