How to Prevent Mildew Stains on Bathroom Ceilings

In rooms where liquid is often used, such as the kitchen and bathroom, stains accumulate fast and some stains become very stubborn to be removed. For this reason, people are always searching for that magic bathroom and housecleaning tip that will help them to get rid of the stains more easily.

The cause of scum build up on surfaces of tubs, sinks, and commodes is the alkaline that is contained in the water. One method of preventing build up on the walls is to apply a coat of automotive paste wax twice a year. This bathroom and house cleaning tip will not stop the stains from appearing but it will make them easier to remove. Use a squeegee after every use on the walls to remove excess water and help prevent scum build up.

Prevent Mildew Stains on Bathroom Ceilings

Due to not being water-proof, the bathroom ceiling very easily show mildew stains. A bathroom and house cleaning tip to prevent this from happening is to spray an equal mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water onto the ceiling every six months to prevent it from forming. Since the hydrogen peroxide is a safe bleach there is no need to remove it. If the ceiling already has a build up, repeat the application after two hours.

White vinegar is very effective in removing the stains that build up around water faucets, which makes for yet another good bathroom and house cleaning tip. To do that, cover the base of the faucet with a paper towel soaked in white vinegar and let the white vinegar do its work for 15 to 20 minutes. To clean the mouth of the drain, plug the drain and fill the mouth with vinegar. When it has properly soaked, you can take a bristle brush or old toothbrush and scrub off the deposits. If you want to clean mirrors, windows, or other glass surfaces, take one-third cup of white vinegar and combine it with on-quarter cup denatured rubbing alcohol in a quart sized spray bottle. If you want to add another cleaning agent, use three teaspoons of liquid dishwashing soap. This removes almost any stain you can throw at glass. You can also use this bathroom and house cleaning tip on countertops, but if food will be prepared there, you will want a second cleaning with a germ-killing cleaner.

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