How to Protect Your Items from Your Roommate

When you have a roommate you will probably encounter a lot of different problems. One such problem is when uninvited people drop by that you don’t like. Perhaps they know that you have a nice collection of baseball card or beanie babies. You want to protect your items but how can you do so when you are not home to see what is going on? You have a lot of things and anything could come up missing. What can you do to protect your items from your roommate and your roommate’s friends?

The first thing you need to do is get organized. This will reduce a lot of problems. Say for example that you took something from your room and placed it in your car a few weeks ago and forgot. Your roommates friend came over last night and now you’re blaming the friend from stealing the item that you placed out in your car and forgot about. If you have a routine and you know where all of your items should be at you will have a better idea of what items come up missing.

For all of your valuables and expensive items you will want to purchase a large safe. If you don’t have the money you can purchase many little safes with keys. You will want to keep the keys on you at all times. Don’t offer to keep your roommates items in the safe with yours because that’s how your roommate ends up stealing your items. Try to hide the fact that you have a safe and keep it somewhere that your roommate will not see it. Don’t place the safe somewhere in the middle of the room where people can break into the safe.

Perhaps you want to lock your door when you leave. You can purchase a lock that will lock the door from the outside. If you lock the door from the inside you wont be able to get back in. I know this will look suspicious to your roommate but what can you do when your roommate and his or her friends will not respect your privacy and stay out of your room while you are gone.

Remember to tell your roommate that nobody should be in your room while you are gone. Keep all important and valuable things inside of your safe such as expensive items. If you continue to have problems with your roommate perhaps you should think about getting rid of that problem too. Roommates should respect your privacy and your space as well.

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