How to Protect Your Patio During Hurricane and Typhoon Season

The first step is to know what what material your patio furniture is made out of. Most are made of wood, plastic, PVC, metal, fabric, or other materials. By knowing what the furniture is made out of, you can determine the best way to prepare for the tropical storm.

If most of your furniture is made up of concrete, then less preparation is required. The concrete will be fixed on it’s place even the strongest storm comes, but you need to cover or move your hollowed or light weight items into a sheltered area. Other items that are easily moved like Umbrellas must be stowed away in a secure area.

One of the dangers of leaving your furniture outside during a storm is not only damage to the furniture , but damage to your property and the property of others if your patio furniture were to blow around due to the strong winds. When possible, you should move all of your outside patio furniture into the garage before the tropical storm hits. This will help prevent damage to any property and protect your furniture from wind and water.

Tropical storms can be expensive! Make sure all patio furniture and any lose items outside your house are stowed away or secure!

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