How to Reface Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Refacing kitchen cabinet doors is one of the most effective, and cheap ways to renovate, or change the look of your kitchen. It is one of the easiest things to complete within the home, and can often be done by the homeowner without hiring professionals to complete the task. The outline for this task should take no more than three days, and will yield a completely new design for your kitchen. Why not change the look of your kitchen by refacing the doors this weekend?

What tools and supplies are required to reface your kitchen cabinet doors? First, screwdrivers, or drills to remove the doors, sanding paper, or electric sanders to remove the old layer of paint or stain, new hardware to re-attach the cabinets, as well as new handles and drawer pulls to create a new impact, and paint or stain to create the new look of the cabinets. With these tools, a weekend, and a couple extra pairs of hands, you will be on your way to a new looking kitchen!

The first step to refacing your kitchen cabinets is to remove the cabinet faces from the cabinet. This can be done my removing only the door, not the hinge, removing the hinge would be redundant, as it will just have to be removed from the door anyway, save you the trouble, and leave the hinges attached to the frame of the cabinet. Next, remove the hardware from the front of the cabinets.

Next, the old coat of paint of stain must be removed from the cabinets. This can be completed by using paint or stain remover, or sanding paper, or a mixture of both. Whatever process is used, it is important that the doors not be damaged, as they are going to be reinstalled to the cupboards once they have received their facelift. Once the paint has been removed from the doors ensure that all dust has been removed, and set aside for refinishing.

Once the old coat of paint or stain has been removed from the doors and they are sanded down to a smooth level it is time to repaint or stain. Whether you are choosing a color that is going to make a statement or simply applying a fresh coat of paint – ensuring that they are removed from the cabinet before doing so will yield professional looking results. For optimal results, using a paint spraying gun or a paint roller is best to reface the cabinets. Be sure to use paint that is durable, and meant for a kitchen.

After the paint has been given sufficient amount of time to dry it is time to reattach the faces to the cabinet and also reattach the handles to open the cabinets. After this has been complete your kitchen will have an entirely new look, and it could be time to think about changing the wall color. You will be surprised at how something as simple as changing the faces of the cabinets can drastically change the feel of the kitchen.

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