How to Remove Orange Tips from Airsoft Guns

Before you head out to a major airsoft event, you may want to remove orange tips from your airsoft guns. Removing orange will help you blend into the environment more, and make your gun look much better.

There are several different methods you can use when you decide to remove orange tips.

You can Goo Gone to remove orange tips from your airsoft rifles. This method is only effective if there is black under the orange paint. This process of removing orange takes quite a bit of work, but the end result is fantastic. Classic Army airsoft rifles usually work well with this method of removing orange airsoft tips.

First of all, remove the flashhider from the airsoft gun, and set it on a paper plate. Purchase some Goo Gone, which is a paint remover. Get some Q-tips and paper towel ready, and begin scrubbing the orange tip with soaked paper towel. It will take quite a bit of time to remove the orange with this method. The Goo Gone needs to soak into the orange before it can be removed.

For those tips that do not work with Goo Gone, the next solution to remove orange from tips is to spray paint. Find black spray paint with a texture similar to the rest of your gun. Remove the orange tip from the gun, and place it upright on a piece of cardboard outside. Steady it vertically with a nail through the cardboard if needed. Do quick, short sprays on the flashhider until the orange is covered. Give it at least 2-3 coats of black paint to completely remove orange from tips. Let the paint dry 1 hour before touching it.

If you can’t remove the flashhider from the gun, you have to take precautions to covering the gun from paint when you remove orange from tips. Use tape to cover the barrel of the gun, all the way up to the edge of the orange flashhider. Push a piece of cardboard over the barrel so that it protects the rest of the gun from the spray paint while you remove orange.

Then, carefully fill the inside of the barrel with paper to prevent paint from getting on the barrel. Be sure there are no ways paint can get inside the barrel, and begin spray painting. Don’t apply the paint thickly, so that the paint does not run inside the barrel at all.

A quick and easy method of removing orange is to cover it up with a black material. Electrical tape works well, just wrap it around it nice and tight. You can also invent your own method with black cloth. While this method does not look nearly as good, it does cover the orange tip with little effort. It has the added advantage that you can remove the piece, and have an orange tip anytime you want it again.

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