How to Remove a Mustard Stain from a White Shirt

There is nothing worse than getting a stain on one of your favorites shirts, especially if the shirt is white. Even getting a stain on one of your shirts that are not your most liked is still frustrating as you don’t want to the shirt to be ruined and unable to where in public. A rather tricky and yet common stain that occurs, most likely at a barbecue or a meal where you were having hot dog and/or hamburgers, is a mustard stain. There are some easy steps that you can follow to get a mustard stain out of your white shirt.

Hopefully the stain is relatively new when you are working with it. This makes removing the mustard stain a lot easier. In addition it is helpful if you have not attempted to remove the stain using water. This actually makes it so the mustard will set in more because it is oil based. However all hope is not lost. The first thing that you need to do before treating the mustard stain on your shirt is to make a simple stain removal mix. In an empty spray bottle mix together one half of a teaspoon of laundry detergent, one fourth cup of white vinegar and one fourth of a cup of cool water. It is with this solution that you will be doing the main stain removal of the mustard on your white shirt.

In addition to having the stain removal mix that you have created you will need a clean but old towel, alcohol and a clean but old thin bristled brush, similar to an infant one. The first step is to take the towel, fold it and lay it on the surface you will be working on. Lay the stained portion of your white shirt on to the towel. Add some drops of alcohol to the stained area of the shirt and hit the stain with the hair brush and brush it a little as well. Next move the stained portion of the shirt to a dry spot on the towel and spray some stain removal mix on what remains of the mustard stain. Brush the stain further and hit the stain with the brush yet again. Rinse with some cool water from a spray bottle and throw the white shirt in the washer on a cold wash and rinse cycle. Make sure that the stain is gone before drying the garment.

Two other things that can be used on a mustard stain on a white shirt is hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. If you go that route with the stain you will want to also had some white vinegar to the stain and rinse it before throwing into a cold wash and rinse cycle. Again wait to try it until you know that the stain is gone. These steps are for a one hundred percent cotton shirt that is white. Other material and other colors of cotton may not be able to handle this solution so use it with care.

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