How to Remove a Water Ring from a Wood Coffee Table

Wood can be quite beautiful, but it is not the most resilient option for furniture. A water ring can ruin the appearance of a wooden coffee table. When water penetrates the varnish it causes a white mark, and if it the moisture seeps into the wood it can cause permanent damage. It is really very easy to remove a white moisture mark from a varnished wooden furnishing. I had to use one of two tried and true methods, and it worked like a charm to get rid of the mark.

Use a Warm Iron to Remove a Water Ring on a Wood Coffee Table

One of the easiest ways to remove a water ring on a wood coffee table is with an iron. The warmth of the iron will pull the moisture out of the wood, and the coffee table will look as good as new. To protect the varnish from excessive heat, place a layer of paper towels over the wood before using the iron. Also, be sure to use a low to moderate setting. Once the moisture evaporates, the water ring should be gone. If the moisture has not soaked into the wood, this simple technique even works on old stains.

A Hot Dinner Plate Can Be Used if an Iron is Not Available

I needed a warm iron today, but I did not have one. I gave it to a former friend since it was something that I rarely used. Water had soaked through a fabric coaster. The moisture that formed on the outside of a glass had soaked right through. It did not take long to create a water ring, and I had to find a way to remove it from my boyfriend’s coffee table without using an iron.

I was in the process of eating lunch when the coffee table was damaged, and I figured out a way to remove the water ring completely by accident. The food was too hot to eat, and I placed the plate on a paper towel over the water ring. After about five minutes, I picked up the plate from the coffee table, and the mark was gone. The heat of the plate naturally caused the water to evaporate, and it easily solved the problem. I did not need an iron to remove the mark.

If you do not have an iron, simply heat up a plate of food, and along with a paper towel, place it on top of the moisture stain. If the plate is hot, with any luck the ring will be gone after five minutes. It worked for me, and I did not have to do anything special to solve the problem.

Source: Personal Furniture Care Experience

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