How to Repair and Protect Your Cd’s from Being Scratched

Just about everyone has Cd’s nowadays, and no one wants theirs to get ruined in any way. This article will provide several suggestions on how you can protect your Cd’s from being ruined. Obviously if your Cd is scratched in any way than it will not play properly. One thing that you definitely want to avoid is using your fingers to try and clean any CD. The first thing that you can try to do is polish the surface of the CD. This can be done by using a soft cloth to wipe the disk. You will want to do this as gently as possible of course. Some people have suggested using toothpaste to clean a Cd. I would definitely not recommend that you use any type of toothpaste to clean a CD. In my experience it does not work, and you can actually end up causing more damage to the CD.

There are several products that may help in removing some of the scratches on your CD. One that I have used and that has worked well is Brass Polisher. You just apply some polish to a cloth and gently wipe the CD down. You will however want to make sure that you are using a well ventilated room, since most brass polishers have a very strong odor to them. When wiping the CD make sure you use small rubbing motions, just as if you were polishing your furniture. You will want to continue this process for no more than 20 min. Remember any product that you use on a CD will actually be scraping away part of the CD. This process of using the polish will actually be making the scratches smaller. Once you have finished rubbing in the polish you can then rinse the CD off under water, and pat dry.

If after drying the Cd you still see scratches, then you will want to try the process again, but be sure not to repeat more than twice. Anymore than that and the Cd will be to worn to play again. Another suggestion is to take your CD to a professional to be resurfaced. These are people who actually repair Cd for a living. But do not be surprised if they inform you that your Cd is beyond repair. If the scratches are too deep then they will not be able to do anything to help you. This is yet another reason why you should always make sure that you make a backup for all of your Cd’s. The best thing is to make sure that your Cd’s are protected at all times. When you are finished using them take the extra time to put them back in their case and store the case properly.

Most people who have a large amount of Cd’s will invest in some type of CD carrying case. Many of the case’s are water and sun proof, so even when you travel with your Cd’s you will be able to protect them from the elements. Also never leave your Cd in the drive or player. A lot of people tend to leave a CD’ in their car CD player, so that it will just play where it left off when they get back in the car. As one final suggestion on how to protect your CD from scratches, try not to use the car Cd holder to hold your Cd’s when you are not using them. By doing this you can be adding scratches to them without even knowing, especially when you constantly take them in and out. If you take the necessary precautions you will not have to worry about damaging your Cd’s.

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