How to Replace a Car Antenna

If your car antenna is damaged or broken, don’t take your car to a professional to replace the antenna. A car antenna is simple to replace, and it’s not necessary to pay someone else to repair or replace your car broken or damaged car antenna. You can replace your damaged or broken car antenna yourself, and you can save a great deal of time and money in the process.

The amount of damage to your car antenna will determine whether or not your will need to replace the entire antenna or just a portion of the shaft. In either case, it is easy to replace or repair a damaged or broken car antenna, and repairing or replacing your car antenna yourself is well worth the effort.

Parts of a Typical Car Antenna

Before attempting to replace a car antenna, it’s important to know the parts of a typical car antenna as well as their location. The following parts of a typical car antenna are listed from top to bottom, ending with the plug that attaches to the stereo. Keep the order of these parts in mind when disassembling your broken or damaged car antenna. Knowing the parts of a typical car antenna will help when replacing your broken or damaged car antenna.

* Shaft

* Nut

* Cap

* Insulator Ball

* Gasket

* Mounting Hole in Fender

* Swivel Clamp

* Cable

* Grommet

* Clips

* Plug

Replacing the Antenna Shaft

If the base of your car antenna isn’t damage, broken, or missing, you can repair your car antenna by simply replacing the antenna shaft rather than the entire antenna. You can find replacement car antenna shafts at most auto part retailers, or you can shop online to find the lowest price. A replacement car antenna shaft that is flexible and rubber-coated is the best type of antenna shaft.

Simply break off what is left of the old car antenna shaft, and use a mill file to taper the remaining end of the broken shaft. Attach the new car antenna shaft, and be sure to fasten the retaining screw.

Replacing the Entire Antenna

If the entire shaft of the old antenna is missing, you’ll have to replace the entire antenna, but don’t be intimidated. Replacing the entire car antenna is easy, and you can do it yourself.

Simply find the antenna cable attached to the stereo beneath the dashboard, and unplug it. The next step is to unscrew the antenna nut at the base, and remove the entire antenna assembly. Using a pair of wire cutters, cut the old antenna cable, and don’t let go of it. Tape the cut cable to the new antenna plug, and pull on the plug of the old cable in order to guide the new cable into place. You might find it necessary to take off a fender shield in order to draw the new antenna cable through the body grommet.

After the antenna cable is in place, press the new antenna assembly into the mounting hole. Lastly, plug the new antenna cable into the stereo, and soon you’ll be listening to your favorite radio stations once again.

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