How to Restore Shine to Dried Out Wicker Furniture and Baskets

The creak, the give and the conformation of natural wicker fibers are a big part of why we own wicker products. The downside is the wicker fibers do dry out, the nooks and crannies created by the wicker weave collect dust and the product losses it’s shine as the years go by. It’s easy to restore shine (and value) to dried out wicker and make the furniture or basket look new again.

Brush Away the Dust

The best away to remove the dust from the multitude of nooks and crannies is with brushes. Start clearing away years of dust accumulation with a new, dry paint brush. Take the wicker piece(s) outdoors (the cleaning process is messy) and give it a good all over brushing with the paint brush, poking the bristles into the crevices to dislodge as much dust and debris as possible. Shake or tap the wicker with your hand as you brush.

Follow the brushing with a thorough vacuuming . Use the brush attachment and vacuum every inch of the wicker.

Wash and Tuck

Dampened a sponge or micro-fiber cloth with cold water and wipe over all the wicker surfaces. Re-wet sponge or cloth if needed, but be careful not to over-wet the wicker.

Tuck in any loose wicker ends, using a small dot of glue to hold ends in place if needed. Allow wicker furniture or basket to dry for 24 hours (or until completely dry) away from direct sunlight and heat.

Apply Furniture Polish

Spray your favorite brand of furniture polish on a folded paper towel and apply to the wicker. Spray furniture polish on the dry paint brush and dab it into crevices if needed, being careful to cover all the surface area with furniture polish. Use a fresh paper towel and re-spray with polish as needed.

Let the furniture polish soak into wicker overnight, then wipe with a clean paper towel to remove any excess polish. The wicker is now clean, moisturized and shiny, ready to provide a many more years of enjoyment.

Wicker furniture can be very valuable , take care of your pieces now and pass it down as an inheritance to future generations.

Wicker Maintenance

Keep wicker out of direct sunlight, dust regularly with brush attachment on vacuum and wipe up spills immediately. Indoor heat will dry wicker out, so once per month wipe the pieces down with a damp cloth to add moisture.




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