How to Rev Up Your Sex Life: Discover Your Hidden Fetishes and Fantasies

Everyone has some kind of fetish or another, whether it is a hidden fantasy or not. It is not uncommon for a person to be unaware of his or own fetish fantasies if they have been generally shy in bed with their sexual partners or if for no real reason, that fetish fantasy had never been explored. Use these starter ideas as foundations upon which to begin your journey into the world of fetishes and wild erotic fantasies. Be experimental, don’t hold yourself back and succumb to the passions of your lover. See what you like and what you don’t and be open with your lover about this. Discovering each of your inner fetish fantasies is a great way for the two of you to rev up your sex life and at the same time, bond together in a romantic, sensual and affectionate sense. Note that this is written as if for a woman but all of the “shes” and “hers” can be easily substituted with “hes” and “his” when desired. Whatever your fantasies call for.

***Get your partner naked and put a leash and collar around his neck (preferably a sexy one that turns you both on). Then drag him around the house while ordering him to perform tasks on all fours with only his mouth to grip things. Yell at him and spank him with a leather whip accessory if he is too slow or does something incorrectly.

***Try spanking if you never have before. It increases the blood flow to the loins. Just be careful to start slowly and lightly, as this area, when not beaten on a regular basis, tends to be very sensitive and will likely leave him black and blue and crying in the morning. You may use your palm or any item of your choosing to perform this fetish fantasy. Belts can be fun, but set limits and make some rules before you begin, as this gets into a little more of the hardcore arenas of sexual fetish play.

***Find artistic photos of kama sutra positions at play and at times when he is least expecting it, for instance, in the middle of dinner or after he gets out of the shower in the morning, point them out, and suggest trying them out. You could make the suggestion in either a coy, girly tone or a ferocious, urgent tone, depending on what the two of you are into.

***Play with wax. Have him tie you up and drip a burning candle over your erogenous zones. The nipples are particularly sensitive to this. Once again, though, this could get into more serious and hardcore sexual fetish play so be sure to set rules and limits before you begin.

***Go to the adult video store and each of you pick out a video that caters to a fetish you’ve always wanted to experiment with. Buy the movies separately so that the other person cannot see what you’ve chosen. Then once you are home and your pulses start throbbing (among other things) take turns surprising the other one with your mysterious fetish fantasy portrayed in a pornographic movie.

***Do your household chores in a sexy, slutty maid outfit and pretend you are a hired, exotic housekeeper. Remove your items of clothing, pretending to be hot with great dramatic exaggeration, one by one, as the time goes by. Spread out the removal of each piece, letting him yearn for you until eventually he ends up tearing it all off by himself.

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