How to Rid Your Home of Rats

Many people think they people have rats in their home because they live dirty and their house is always a mess. This misconception surprises people everyday. You do not have to a dirty house for rats to invade it. You do not have to have to be infested with roaches to have rats either. Rats are a lot smarter than roaches, so it shouldn’t be of any surprise to find rats before you find roaches. Rats can live in you walls just for a place to stay. You don’t have to leave any food out to find those rodents in your walls.

The thing is that the one time you do leave any food out they will find it. Rats are born scavengers. The will chew, scratch, and slash there way to any amount of food that you leave out. This can be crumbs left under the table, around the garbage can, and even food that has fell down the sink drain. The kitchen is usually the first place they head for because the scent of fresh cooked food can linger for hours. Understanding this can you get rid of the rats in your home without all of the other complicated problems associated with killing rats.

Many rat poisons kill the rodent when it is in the walls. This can be very unsanitary. Rats decaying inside of the walls of your home can introduce harmful airborne pathogens into your home. This causes more problems then you had in the first place. It is better to do nothing at all then to use rat poison in some cases.

The best way to kill rats is to understand their eating habits. If you control their diet then you control their fate. You can simply lure a rat out into a trap by purposely leaving food only accessible into one area of your house. This means that you have to seal your garbage unless the garbage can has the trap inside. You should also make sure you run your garbage disposal if you have one. This will help clear out the portions of food that the water itself could not clear. A simple trap is good but it only works for one mouse per trap. The chances that you only have one mouse in your house are practically impossible. The best trap is a sticky trap with poison on it.

Many people believe that the sticky poison would be enough. The problem with that is if a mouse gets trapped alive then it can still communicate with other mice. Sometimes the mouse calls for help and the other mice get stuck also, but taking a risk isn’t necessary when you can get them all in one sure strike. It is best to have the trap in a dark area also. Mice have a limited memory, but it still works quite well when they use it. If they remember what a trap does then they will avoid it anytime that they see it regardless if it has food on it.

To put it simple, it is like a miniature war. First, you control then you conquer. In this case, you would be reclaiming your own land.

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