How to Safely Pack a Grandfather Clock

If you own a Grandfather Clock you will want to take good care of it so that it lasts for as long as possible. Safely packing a Grandfather Clock will help to protect it during a move whether you are just moving across town or to another country. Unless you hire a professional to pack your Grandfather Clock for you, you will need to know the safest way to pack it yourself. Read on to learn the best way to pack a Grandfather Clock so that it does not end up badly damaged when you reach your final destination.


If you have a curio style Grandfather Clock complete with shelves, you will need to remove all ornaments from the shelves and to then carefully remove the shelves and pack those separately. Glass shelves in particular should not be left inside the Grandfather Clock when packing it.

Remove Weights

When it is time to dismantle the Grandfather Clock, one of the first things you will need to do is to remove the weights. Wind up the clock before you remove the weights and then make sure you label them so that when you come to re-assemble the Grandfather Clock you will know where each weight goes. The weights do not weigh the same, so it is important to know where each weight goes. Wrap up the weights securely.


The pendulum will need to be carefully removed without damaging the suspension spring that is at the top of the pendulum. Pack the pendulum inside the special packing box that it came in when you first purchased it.

Day of the Move

If you will be moving without the use of a moving company, make sure that the clock case has been secured so that it does not move around during the drive, which will cause damage to the Grandfather Clock. Keep the weights, pendulum and other parts of the Grandfather Clock separate from the clock case.

When you first buy a Grandfather Clock, it is a good idea to keep all of the original packing materials that came with it, so that you can use the same boxes again when packing the Grandfather Clock. If in doubt about how to pack the Grandfather Clock, consider hiring a professional who will be able to safely dismantle the Grandfather Clock and pack it for you, thereby reducing the risk of structural damage to the Grandfather Clock.

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