How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

As fuel prices rise, the electricity bill follows closely behind. If you find yourself struggling to pay the electricity bill each month, or if you simply want to reduce your energy consumption, there are many tips that can help you. The main thing to keep in mind when trying to save on your electricity bill is to reduce usage.

Save on Your Electricity Bill – Turn off Electric Appliances and Lights

Never leave electrical devices running or turned on when you are not using them. Unused electricity makes your electricity bill skyrocket with nothing to show for it. Unless you are returning to the room immediately, turn off all lights when you leave. Do not leave your computer on all the time instead of shutting it down. When you are done with the DVD player, switch it off.

Save on Your Electricity Bill – Unplug Electric Cords

Did you know that an appliance still uses electricity when it is turned off? As long as it is still plugged in, electricity will be coming down the wire and will be lost. What a waste of power and money! Unplug all electric cords that are not in direct use. These include cell phone chargers, small kitchen appliances such as coffee pots and toasters, stereo systems, and vacuum cleaners.

Save on Your Electricity Bill – Decrease Heating and Cooling Use

Setting your thermostat to a more moderate temperature in both winter and summer can save on your electricity bill. In the winter, set your heater down to sixty-eight and wear a sweater in the house. In the summer, put the air conditioner up to seventy-four or five. Heating and cooling bills can really make your electricity bill spike.

Save on Your Electricity Bill – Limit TV and PC Screen Time

Not only will you save on your electricity bill by limiting television and computer screen time, you may just get healthier and develop a new interest. Kids should definitely have limited screen time so they can run around and play, read good books, and work on their hobbies. Turn to other things for entertainment in the evenings.

Save on Your Electricity Bill – Find Alternative Sources

Finding alternative sources of power is a great way to save on your electricity bill. If you want to go green for the environment, consider installing solar panels on your roof. While the initial outlay can be pricey, you will save on your electricity bill. There are easier and cheaper ways to find alternatives however. When it is cold, do not turn on an electric heater for extra warmth. Let the sun shine in the window onto a dark cloth. This will absorb heat into your house. Instead of turning on a lamp when you get a drink from the sink, consider using a tiny LED flashlight.

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