How to Secretly Search Your Child’s Room

Parents must sometimes search their child’s room. This is a fact. Whether the reasoning is a suspicion of drugs, alcohol, thievery or other perceived danger, parents are compelled to protect the kids from even themselves. Still, most parents don’t want to hear the teenage arguments about the invasion of privacy. So the parents secretly searches the room.

There are five rules to secretly search a teen’s room. 1. Be sure to do the search when the teen will be gone a while. 2. Do not clean up anything. 3. Place close attention to detail. 4. Replace everything in exact order and place. 5. Do not tackle large finds of stashed letters unless you are positive you are able to replace exactly.

There is many places to look in order to achieve a thorough search. A good place to start is the closet. Check the pockets of stored clothes. Of course search inside of any duffel bags or purses, boxes or bags. Use a bight flashlight if needed to search in all the corners and shelves.

If the room includes a private bath, search all areas possible. Look inside the toilet tank. This is a favorite spot because who would expect a Zip-Lock bag floating in there? In fact, this would be a good place to check in every bathroom the child has access to.

When you are ready to search the main room, decide where to begin and what direction to move. This plan will help keep you from missing anything. Check all of these places: under mattress, inside a rip of a blanket, pillows, mattress or stuffed animal, inside light fixtures, inside dresser drawers, underneath the bottom drawer, behind dressers, jewelry boxes- pull drawers out and look inside, inside mechanical pencils and pens, band instrument cases, and even CD and DVD cases. Look under the bed, up high on shelves and everywhere in-between. And don’t forget to look in the underside of lamps.

If information is what you are looking for, then check out notebooks and journals. The computer is the best place to search. Look through all documents. Search the history and favorites. If you are real curious, search through the programs. Many parents are shocked at what they find: taboo religions, pornography and sometimes suicidal memorabilia.

By following the five rules, any parent can secretly search a teen’s bedroom. One word of advice though. Plan beforehand what you are going to do if your worst fear is realized.

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