How to Speed Clean Before Company Comes Over

You know it’s bound to happen one day you get home from work and you are expecting company in just under an hour. Now you do not have the time to give the place a good cleaning before they walk through that door so you better get started. First you will need to take a quick inventory of the things you will want to serve. Fill any water pitchers, and make sure you have ice and snacks to offer to your guests. Make sure that the dishes you will need are clean to avoid any embarrassing shortcomings later in the evening. After that you will want to take a basket and gather all of the clutter and junk that is on your tables and floor. When they are clear you can pull out the vacuum cleaner. Sweeping up the floors is a great way to straighten up since they can immediately see those little lines that the brushes leave.

Spray a few shots of febreze over the carpeting to get rid of any dusty smells. If it isn’t to cold outside you should open a few windows. Next you will want to get rid of anything that is causing an odor. This means that you will want to scoop out that litter box. Swing by the bathroom and pour some cleaner into the toilet removing any unsightly things to the closet. Put any dirty dishes into the dishwasher and run it. If it won’t have enough time to run before your company comes you should put it on a rinse cycle. Now you will need to take out the trash, this should make the greatest impact on how your house smells. If you have any time left you will want to wash off any mirrors and screens quickly with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

Do not neglect how you look! Go change your clothes, wipe off the sweat and get yourself a big glass of water. You do not want to look like you were rushing around cleaning at the last minute. The only way to pull it off completely is to look like you weren’t rushing at all. Just tell yourself that your house looks like this all the time.

When your guests arrive you can relax. Offer them a drink or a snack after taking the time to ask them how they are. If you missed a few spots or even jokingly you can say “Sorry about the mess.”

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