How to Spring Clean

After being housebound after a long and cold winter, spring finally arrives and with spring comes the chance to freshen up our surroundings and get them ready for the wonderful warm weather.

Begin your spring cleaning by taking a notebook and pen and look at each room in your home with a critical eye. Take stock of each room. Write down what needs to be done for each room. This is when the usual surface cleaning won’t due. You will want to take this opportunity to do things that you normally do not do on a regular basis such as wash your curtains, shampoo the rug, clean out your fridge and oven, and wash your walls. You may wish to tackle projects such as organizing your basement or clearing out your attic. It may seem overwhelming in the beginning, but if you tackle one room at a time, it will seem less so. While you are making your lists for each room, you should also determine if you need to purchase any supplies for that room such as hangers, hooks, plastic storage containers and the like. Also, you should plan on purchasing extra cleaning supplies, such as floor wax or oven cleaner. You can then get to work! Here are some tips to follow while spring cleaning your home.

-Do you have an annoying problem such as finding a place to put your keys and other loose objects? Brainstorm and figure out a solution before you get to work on the room. (Why not purchase a key rack, or put a basket on a table close to the door to put your keys in).

-Get your family involved in the spring cleaning! You should not be the only one responsible for sprucing up your home. Give each one a task to do in the room that you are working on and make a game of it. The first one done gets to pick a treat or what you have for supper. Or if you have smaller children, divide into teams and the winners serve the losers dinner.

-Spring clean with the idea of a future garage sale in mind. The more you get rid of and put aside, the more money you will make. If you do not wish to hold a yard sale, then donate the items to a charity.

-Spring cleaning is a good time to sort and get rid of things that you a)don’t need anymore or b)can’t use anymore or don’t wear anymore. It is a good opportunity to give the goods away, thus creating more space.

-Don’t forget about cleaning your junk drawer(s), your medicine cabinet (throw out any outdated medication. Call your local pharmacy and see if they will get rid of it for you), your garage, any closets, your attic, crawlspace and your basement. Now might also be the time to clean up the back yard and get a head start on cleaning up your garden.

-Try to fight clutter before it begins. For example, with incoming mail, divide it into categories such as junk mail and important letters and bills. Immediately, throw away the unnecessary mail. Furthermore, why keep the whole magazine if you just want a recipe? Cut out the recipe, post it to a 3 x 5 and put it away. Have a special spot for craft projects that are unfinished. Have your children put a toy away when they want to get out a new one.

Spring cleaning will take more time than just your average clean, but in the end will be well worth it! You can get your spring cleaning done now and then have time later to enjoy the upcoming warm season.

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