How to Still Care for Your Baby when You Are Sick!

One thing that many parents tend to worry about is if they will be able to care for their little ones when they themselves are ill. Well the answer to this is that it is possible but there are many precautions that we need to take. This article will cover some of those precautions that parents need to take as well as suggestions on how to take care of you.

The first thing you need to do is buy plenty of sanitizer and disinfectant. You will definitely need plenty of this to make sure that the germs are not spread to your baby. It may also be a good idea to pick up a face mask, (the ones that painters usually use). This will help to keep you from breathing your germs on the baby. Once you have purchased all of those items you will then need to take some time to recruit some help. If you can not get any help in disinfecting the house then you will need to make sure that you pace your self. Remember in order for you to recover from your cold you will need to get plenty of rest and not overdue it. If possible try doing one room at a time, and make sure that you constantly wash your hands with antibacterial soap. This is especially important to do before you pick up the baby. Also make sure that when you sneeze you do so directly into a tissue. I have found that the antibacterial tissues are very helpful, in keeping the germs down. They are definitely a little more expensive but in the long run it is definitely worth it, to keep your baby from getting sick.

Another suggestion is to make sure you wash everything in hot water. This will help to kill all of those extra germs that the disinfectant spray did not get. Also keep in mind that when the baby sleeps you should to. Don’t use that as a time to get extra chores done. Even if it is just a thirty minute nap you will definitely need that extra time in order to gain some strength to make it through the rest of the day. Don’t be alarmed if your baby does get the sniffles or even a little cough. All babies will get colds at some point, and according to many pediatricians it is actually good for them since it helps to strengthen their immune system. The bottom line is that there is no sure way to guarantee that your baby will not get sick, but you can definitely keep them from getting to sick by taking the extra precautions that are mentioned in this article.

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