How to Stop Procrastinating

I think we all do it to some extent – procrastinate. Those chores and jobs that we just don’t want to do we put off for a later date. Here are a few strategies to get yourself in gear and stop procrastinating.

Make A To Do List – You’d be amazed how much this actually works! Write on paper the tasks that you have to accomplish that day and don’t let yourself quit until they’re all checked off one by one. Somehow keeping your tasks organized on paper makes them easier to want to do.

Reward Yourself – Although it sounds petty, little rewards for doing your work will make you want to do them more! If you complete that project you’ve been putting off, you’ll treat yourself to a long bubblebath. Or if you finish the errand you were supposed to take care of, you can allow yourself an hour to play online games. Just simple rewards to congratulate yourself for a job well done!

Complete Unpleasant Tasks First – Get the hard stuff out of the way and the rest is easy street! And once you start working on the hard tasks, you’ll oftentimes find that they weren’t as bad as you thought they were going to be!

Keep Focused – Some of us procrastinate just simply because we’re too distracted! When completing a task, make sure there are no other distractions such as TV or radio taking your mind off the topic at hand.

While using these simple techniques you’ll find yourself less of a procrastinator. You’ll be more productive and your bottom line will increase! Just keep reminding yourself that you are your own boss and get it in gear! And soon after that you won’t accept nothing less from yourself than getting tasks done in a timely manner.

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