How to Switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox

So your ready to make the move to Firefox. You’ve downloaded the program but your unsure if where to start. Have no fear, this guide will show you how to switch effectivly to Firefox.

To make Firefox effective for you your gonna need to bring over your old Internet Explorer favorites list. To make it easier, take the oppertuinty to clean out your list. Take a look at what you use and what you haven’t used in a while. Also was your Internet Explorer list orginized properly? If not take this chance to put everything neatly catigorized into the Firefox favorires list.

Take a look at your Internet Explorer security settings. Did you use the atomatic settings or did you custom build them? Either way write down what your old settings are so that you can put them into Firefox. If you never bothered with Internet Explorers seciuity settings don’t worry, Firefox is atomaticly set to the medium level witch is perfectly safe.

You don’t have to go cold turkey! If you have been using Internet Explore do long that it is ingrained into you system don’t worry, there is no rule that says that you have to use just one system alone. In fact, while most web pages and programs work fine with firefox, some pages will act funny or just plain won’t work with Firefox. In some cases you may need to use Internet explorer anywhey.

Most of the features that Firefox offers are about the same as Internet Explorers. The best way to get farmillier with them is to play around with them. Remember if you get stuck or confused with a feature you can always just exit out of Firefox and open it again.

Just follow these simple steps and you will have an easy and effective move to Firefox. Soon you will be perfectly comfortable with Firefox and won’t even think about that old internet browser anymore.

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