How to Take a Shower Without Water

My uncle just came back from a trip that he took across the United States for the benefit of cancer. He decided that he would walk from New York to Florida without taking any transportation. This took a lot of time and effort on his part but above these things what it took was a lot of planning because he did not have the luxury of being able to take a shower for many days straight during his trip. I assume this happens to a lot of people that travel because of the fact that they are between hotel rooms or moving between places and this means that they have no water in order to be able to take a shower. If you have been in this situation and you do not have the water available to you in order to wash yourself then it is still possible to keep yourself clean. You should use these simple and quick techniques:

1) Keep flushable wipes with you so that you can run them across your armpits to get rid of your odor. The French does not bathe very often and you will find that it is very easy to keep yourself clean with a little work. Just cut the disposable wipes to run it over your chest, arms and armpits. You should then wipe your private parts so that you have no odor buildup.

2) Spray your areas that sweat with some body spray, if you are a male then you can use Axe but if you are women then you can use a spray from Bath and Bodyworks in order to make yourself smell as good as possible.

3) You can also bring facial wipes, which you can get from the pharmacy for about three dollars and the supply will last you a week. All you need to do is rub the sides of the wipe together and put the cloth on your face to remove any dirt, which was built up. This will make you look as if you have taken a shower even when you have not.

4) Put on deodorant and if you have a hand sanitizer then you can use this to run your hands together and get the dirt from underneath your nails, which has built up over the day. This will keep all of the parts of your body smelling good and once you change your clothes you will be ready for another day.

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