How to Take the Sneeze Out of Summer

If you’ve been sneezing and coughing all spring, and are looking for some relief this summer, you may be in luck. There are several home remedies for allergies that just may work for you and your family, and you can save a fortune helping everyone to get better.

Aside from removing all the dust and dirt from your home by cleaning regularly, you can make sure that everyone keeps their sneezing to a minimum by adding a few air purifiers to some of the rooms in your home. This way, you can further rid the home of dust particles that could cause an allergic reaction, and you won’t have to worry about waking up every morning with a stuffy nose or red, swollen eyes.

Even though it may be tempting, it’s probably a good idea not to bring fresh flowers in your home if you know that you suffer from allergies. Even if your allergies are only seasonal, flowers can trigger a reaction when you least expect-and not too many things are more embarrassing than sneezing on the plate of your guest due to the fresh flower arrangement in the middle of the table. This could also cause wheezing if you suffer from asthma, so plastic flowers that look just as nice should do the trick just fine.

Another ‘home remedy’ you may want to try is eating raw honey that comes right from the area you live in. By consuming small amounts of pollen in the honey, you can make your body immune to pollen over time. This will not get rid of your allergy symptoms right away, but it’s definitely a long-term practice that will help you to feel better this season. And, if you’re into herbal remedies and don’t want to try any more over-the-counter medicines, you may want to try herbs like chamomile and feverfew, which will reduce the redness and swelling in the nose and eyes, and will keep your throat from itching. If you have a humidifier or a potpourri bowl, you may also want to drop a few teaspoons of eucalyptus oil or lavender oil inside, these both have a calming effect, and can open up the lungs so that you and your family can breathe easier. Adding a drop of lemon oil to chamomile and lavender oils to use as an inhalant has been known to work for allergy sufferers as well.

Surprisingly, many of the allergies that we experience come from food. So, while you’re trying to figure out which plant makes you sneeze, you may want to check your panty as well. Pay special attention to your diet during allergy season, and observe the way your body reacts to certain foods. You may be more sensitive to certain fruits and vegetables during allergy season, and a visit to your doctor will let you know what foods you need to avoid. Keep in mind that allergies change every year according to the environment and the state of your immune system, so a yearly checkup to find out what needs to be avoided is ideal. But, until you get to the bottom of things, it’s always smart to have an extra box of tissue and some nasal spray nearby? . Good luck!

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