How to Talk Your Boss into a Raise

After working for a company for a couple of years with no signs of more money, it eventually becomes time to ask your boss for a raise. To do this, you must be clear, concise and certain of the outcome. What will you do if you ask for that raise and your boss says no? Hadn’t thought of that prospect? Then let’s back up to see what you need to know to be successful when you talk to your boss about giving you the raise you’re sure you deserve.

First, are you making what the market will bear? If the answer is yes, think twice before you talk to your boss about a raise. If no one else will pay you more, than he certainly won’t. But, if you can convince your boss that you are underpaid for the work you do, he may consider coming across with a raise to keep you around.

What about inflation? Has that eaten away at your pay check? When was the last time your boss did a salary review for you? Is the company prospering at the time you’re looking to get a raise? You can’t ask your boss for more money if the company isn’t making any.

You also have to consider whether you asking for a raise will make your boss start looking for a replacement. A good plan is to have another job to go to when you ask for that raise, just in case. That way if your boss decides that replacing you with someone who may start for less money, to garner the experience, is easier than giving you a raise, you have an alternative.

The truth is there is no easy way to ask your boss for a raise. Try your best to analyze the timing and protect yourself in case the answer isn’t what you’re hoping for. Then walk in confident and assured. Good luck!

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