How to Turn Empty Wine Bottles into Beautiful Home Decorations

Do you drink a lot of wine and have a lot of empty wine bottles left over that you haven’t managed to get into the recycling bin yet? Do you love making crafts out of unique objects and turning them into decorations for your home? If you do, boy do I have the perfect craft project for you.

I was at a friends house one day and noticed all the wine she drank and all the empty wine bottles she had on her kitchen counter top. I asked her what she was going to do with all the different sized and shaped empty wine bottles and she said she was going to throw them away in the trash. I told her they were so unique looking and to good to throw away and asked her if I could take them home, not knowing what I was going to do with them. Of coarse my friend said yes.

Then one day I was out using frosted colored glass spray paint to give my glass candle holders some color and texture so they weren’t so boring to look at when they were all lit up with candles. This is where I began thinking about those empty wine bottles I took home from my friend’s house, and came up with the idea of spraying the glass wine bottles with all the different colored frosted spray paints. Let me tell you those wine bottles became one of my favorite home decorations after I had sprayed them with frosted glass paint because they were so full of bold and bright colors, and really added a unique conversation piece to a room in my house. When ever someone would come over and see these frosted wine bottles they would say, There so beautiful where did you get them? I told my friends that I took different sized shaped wine bottles from a friend’s house and sprayed them with different colored frost paints. My friend was shocked and didn’t believe it. She thought I had bought them from a craft store some where in town.

Then I began thinking again to myself saying, well if my friends liked the frosted wine bottles I created I should teach people how to make these gorgeous frosted colored wine bottle conversational pieces. So here I am ready to tell you all how to make these amazing frosted colored wine bottles to place in any room of your house. Best part about this craft is its so simple anyone can do it. You don’t have to be artsy.

The materials you will need for this craft would of coarse be empty wine bottles of any shape and size, a couple cans of colored frosted glass paint, which you can get at any craft store such as, Michele’s, A.C. Moore, or Ben Franklin’s. Another item you will need is some newspapers to put underneath your wine bottle for when you spray paint with your colored frosted paint. You can also use an old shower curtain instead of newspaper if you would like to.

To begin this craft you will want to take your empty wine bottles and place them in a sink of hot soapy water and remove all the sticky paper labeling from the bottles using a scrubby sponge. If you find you still can’t get the paper labels off your wine bottles you can use a product called, “Glue Be Gone!” You can find this product at Wal-Mart for a cheap low cost of $2.00. To use glue be gone all you have to do is squirt a little of the liquid sticker remover right onto the sticky label and let it soak into the label for about 5 minutes and then the label should wipe off easily with a paper towel or wet cloth. After your bottles have soaked in hot soapy water for a while and you have removed all the sticky labels from them leaving no trace of glue you will then want to rinse them with cold water and set them in the sun on a towel to dry for about an hour.

The next thing you will want to do is lay your newspapers out on a hard surface making sure you cover all the areas of the surface with newspaper that you don’t want spray painted. If you by chance accidentally end up spraying an area you didn’t want spray painted you can get some paint thinner and remove it so don’t panic. I would recommend finding a hard surface outside because the fumes from the paint can be strong. Then you will want to go get your cleaned dried out wine bottles and place them gently onto your newspaper standing up straight.

The very next step would be to gather all your different colored frosted spray paints and bring them over to the area you will be spray painting in. You will then shake each bottle of paint before using them to paint your wine bottles. Then you will take a wine bottle and place it on a hard covered surface away from your other wine bottles and then choose a frosted colored spray paint you want to paint the wine bottle with. When you have chosen the wine bottle and the color paint you want to use, you will then spray the wine bottle all over holding the frosted colored spray paint bottle 3 inches away from the wine bottle holding the spray button on your spray can all the way down allowing the paint to move freely from the spray can and onto your wine bottle. You want your wine bottle to be completely covered in your frosted paint.

After you have painted your wine bottle with frosted paint you will then allow your frosted colored wine bottle to dry for about an hour. To frost more wine bottles with frosted paint repeat the process I just explained above, but using different colored paints to make each wine bottle unique. Once your wine bottles have been painted with frosted paint and have dried completely, you can then bring them into your home and set them in any room you want, and on any shelves you may have. You will then have your frosted colored wine bottle conversational piece for your room to enjoy.

I really hope you all have liked learning about how to make frosted glass wine bottles to use as a conversational piece in your homes, and I really hope I have changed your mind about throwing away those empty wine bottles you have laying around your kitchen. I also wish you all the best of luck when doing this craft. Enjoy!

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