How to Turn Your Windows Based PC into a Mac

Have you ever found yourself in awe while using the slick Mac operating system? Has the thought of constantly using a Mac interface almost inspired you to purchase one of these pricey machines? Well, instead of spending over $2,000 on a Mac, here are some applications that will easily turn the look of your Windows based PC into a Mac.

The Short Way: FlyakiteOSX

There is a program that has been released that will completely transform your entire computer into a Mac at the touch of a button. The differences will be hardly recognizable and you will truley feel like you are sitting in front of a Mac. The Flyakite installer simply automates the process of replacing critical system files, setting registry tweaks, and installing software/extras. If this sounds a bit scary to you, move on down to the long way.

Information on this installer can be found at the FlyakiteOSX homepage. Detailed instructions as well as links to download the program can be found there, all completely free.

The Long Way: Using Individual Programs

Step One: Theme

The obvious first step to becoming more Mac-like is to skin your current theme. Using WindowBlindswhich is available to be downloaded at no cost to you, apply the Panther Theme. Instantly, you can see your Mac beginning to take shape. Now you can unlock the taskbar, and click and drag it to the top of the screen to achieve a more Mac feel.

An alternative to WindowBlinds is StyleXP which offers a free 30-day trial with the Panther theme already built right it. Included with StyleXp are boot screens and login screens, to completely achieve that Mac feel.

Step Two: Object Dock

The most notable difference between Windows and Mac is the use of a dock bar instead of a task bar. Objectdock is the best program available today to emulate the Mac dock bar. Download it now and you can set all sorts of shortcuts to your favorite programs. You may notice that some icons aren’t exactly good looking. Lucky for you, WinCustomize offers thousands of new icons for your dock bar.

Step Three: Widgets

For all the little nifty programs that appear on the desktop of a Mac, you can have them all at your disposal using the Konfabulator widget engine. You can have anything delivered to your desktop from the current weather outside to your favorite team’s scores. The Widget Gallery offers hundreds of exciting and interesting Widgets.

With just these three programs you will find yourself looking at a Mac interface all while using Windows XP. While I highly recommend the FlyakiteOSX for a full transformation, you can achieve a similar feel without risking any critical system files.

In just a few minutes you will find yourself leaving the Windows OS interface behind and using a slick Mac interface at absolutely no cost to you.

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