How to Turn a Cutting Board into a Serving Tray

You can turn any cutting board into a tray with the addition of a few simple wood elements. Anyone, even kids can make this simple wood cutting board serving tray.

So, if you have an extra wood cutting board cluttering up your kitchen, then try turning it into a simple wood tray. You can serve cookies on your wood cutting board tray or use it as a platter on a holiday dinner table!

To Turn a Wood Cutting boar Into a Tray You Will Need:

1 wood cutting board

4 wood bun feet

Picture frame molding

Wood stain or wood sealer

Power drill

Go ahead and flip your cutting board over face down on the work surface. Now, place your bin feet in the corners and maker where you need to pre drill your holes.

You can really use quite a few different objects besides wood but fete to make this a serving tray. Metal, wood, or even glass drawer knobs make great feet.

Now, use yoru power drill to pre drill a hole fo reach foot on the cutting board tuned serving try. Do not drill through the wood completely, only about �½ to 1/3 of the way.

Now, use a screw to attach the bun feet, door knobs, drawer knobs, or whatever you choose to use.

Now, flip the wood cutting board over. You can stop here or add some handles. I like to use handles that match the feet on the serving tray. So, if you used metal or glass drawer knobs, then use some matching drawer pulls.

If you created fete on the serving tray with the bun feet, then use some wood handles.

You want to place one handle on the left and right side of the wood serving tray.

Place the handles near the edge, mark the holes, and then remove the handle.

Pre drill the holes and then screw the drawer pulls into place.

Now, This simple wood cutting board turned into a serving tray is perfect for a great gift. You can also create many of these simple serving trays and sue them as platters on a holiday table.

The great thing about these wood cutting boards is that they can still be used to chop veggies and cheese!

If you need a border or framed edge on the top of the serving tray, then use some picture frame molding. Tack it into place with one inch finishing nails and then rub mineral oil into it.

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