How to Use Port City Transfer and Storage in Mooresville, NC

When searching for a Moving/ Transfer Company it should be found under moving, storage, and transfer companies. Port City and Storage is located in Mooresville, NC. A question you might ask is do they carry insurance on your things. Do they travel the distance that you are moving. These should be asked first before they come to do the estimate.

When contacting the company, they will want to give you an estimate so they will need to come out to check how much there is to move or if you now live a long distance away they will ask how many rooms. Port City Transfer and Storage will need to know what size truck will be needed or if it will take more then one. Also how many employees it will take, along with the location and distance where you will be moving.

They will need to know how many boxes, tissue paper, and bubble wrap will be used if purchasing from them. The estimate will depend on all of these things, as well as when the contract is written up Port City Transfer and Storage will need all of these details. After they have giving you the estimate that is when you will make the decision rather you want to use a Port City Transfer and Storage Company. How ever their rates are comparable with most moving/ transfer companies.

Some moving companies will pack most if not all of your items, but you may want to pack all the breakable items yourself just for your own satisfaction. It’s best to do this with tissue paper or bubble wrap which you can purchase from Port City Transfer and Storage or any other place that you may desire. After you have made the decision to use Port City Transfer and Storage you will need to call to verify this. Also let them know if you intend on purchasing the items needed to pack and how much is needed. When packing it’s a good idea to mark each box for which room they are to go in. As for all your valuable items, as in any case, when you are moving they will need to be put in a safe place so they aren’t misplaced or lost, carrying them with you would not be a bad idea. Now for the insurance you will need to have the value of all your belongings.

Port City Transfer and Storage will send their truck/ trucks when it is time to move. After the movers arrive, as they are loading the furniture, they will place tissue paper or and bubble wrap so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged. Also it will be place close together so that it can’t move around. Anything that is breakable may even be covered with a blanket for more protection. The workers will do the same with the boxes. They will be placed close together with something between them so that they are secure also, not being able to move.

When the truck/ trucks reach their destiny and all has been unloaded/ unpacked you will want to check all the furniture for damage. Check each item in the boxes for breakage or damage, as you are doing this be sure to keep a record of anything that has damage as you come across it. After the truck/ trucks are unloaded, the guys are ready to leave. (Unless you are unhappy with their work) many see it as a good gesture to give them a tip for all the hard work that they did for you.

When everything is finished and you’re satisfied with the job. It’s time to report the damages if any. It also would be nice to let who ever you talk with know that their employees did a good job for you and them. If you would like to have more information about Port City Transfer and Storage call: 704-799-3382 or 704-663-3385, or check out their web site.

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