How to Use the Bible

When in sorrow read-John 14. When men fail you read -Psalm 27. When you have sinned read-Psalm 51. When you worry read-Matt 6 :19-34. When you are in danger read-Psalm 91. If you have the blues read-Psalm 34. When God seems far away read-Psalm 139. If you are discouraged read-Isaiah 40. If you are lonely or fearful read-Psalm23. If you feel down and out read- Romans 8:39. When you want courage for your task read- Joshua 1.When the world seems bigger than God read-Psalm 90. When you want rest and peace read-Matt 11:25-30. When leaving home for labor or travel read-Psalms 121 and 107:23-31. If you get bitter or critical read-I Cor 13. For a great opportunity read-Isaiah 55.

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