How to Wash and Disinfect a Shower Curtain Liner

When you are frugal like I am, trying to wash what’s dirty is always better than rushing out to buy a replacement. This philosophy also goes for shower curtain liners which usually can be washed at least half a dozen times before it’s time to replace them. While a shower curtain liner seems like it shouldn’t need laundering, the reality is that nasty pinkish-orange mold likes to grow in the folds of the liner. This mold is not only yukky to look at, it also radiates an unpleasant odor.

Here are some basic instructions for washing and disinfect a shower liner with a simple trick to make it look new again.

Along with hot soapy water and a washing machine, you will need something to take care of the mold. Bleach is one solution, but vinegar or borax will also work. Follow the instructions on the container if using bleach or borax. If you prefer using vinegar, two cups added to the load should be enought to do the trick.

Remove the shower curtain from the rod and rings. Gently drape the liner inside the empty washing machine drum in a circular motion around the agitator. Set the temperature to “hot” and the setting to “regular”. When the drum is filled with water, add detergent and either bleach, vinegar, OR borax.

Wash as usual.

Unfold and shake
Once the washing machine has finished its cycle, remove the liner from the drum and unfold either outdoors or over a towel to catch any water that might be trapped in the folds. Examine for mold. If there are still some small areas of mold on the liner, wipe these areas with a rag dipped in vinegar.

Toss in the dryer
Ready for my “make it look new again” trick? Throw the liner into the dry and let tumble dry on hot for two to three minutes to relax the wrinkles. Remove immediately from the dryer and hang back up on the shower rod. The liner will dry wrinkle free and will look as good as new.

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