How to Winterize Your Kid’s Room

“It’s too cold to get out of bed. I feel a draft in my room.” Have you ever heard these complaints from your children during the winter months? As parents, we often think about winterizing our homes, but really don’t think about individual rooms. Even if you winterize your entire home, it can still be a little chilly, especially if you have wooden floors. Since many are finding themselves on very strict budgets this year, families are trying to cut their heating costs in half. This may mean not turning the heat up as high as you normally would. If you plan on doing this you will want to take the time to winterize your room. Below are several ideas on how to winterize your kids room.

1. Try carpeting their room. If there are wooden floors in your children’s room, they are sure to feel a lot colder getting out of bed. If you don’t want to pay for wall to wall carpeting in their room, just get an area rug. There are area rugs big enough, and thick enough to cover the center of the room, or surround the bed. This way when your child gets out of bed they can step onto the warm carpet and put their slippers on. It will also help the room to feel a lot warmer as well.

2. Get heavy drapes, that can be pulled back during the day. During the night time heavy drapes can help to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. During the day you can open the drapes so that the sun can come in and warm up the room. You can even make your own personalized window treatments.

3. Seal up the windows to keep out drafts. It is very easy to overlook the kids rooms when you are sealing up the windows for winter. If you take the time to make sure that all of the storm windows are pulled down in your children’s room, and the windows are sealed you will see how much warmer it will be.

4. Get warm comforters for each child. Remember that winterizing your child’s room also includes changing the bedding to match the outside season. Take the time to purchase some warm comforters so that they will feel extra warm and cozy on those cold nights.

These are just a few ideas and suggestions that will help to keep your kids room warmer during the winter months.

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