How to Write an Editorial

Editorial writing is a very satisfying type of writing. Herein you can write about anything that you would like to write about, and take any stand that you would like to take. All it takes to write an interesting editorial is an opinion that you can support with facts. Here is what else you will need in order to write a good editorial article, along with some tips on how to write your editorial. You will need to have knowledge of your thesis. You need to start off with a clear distinctive opinion. This is what you will be honing and refining throughout your article until it becomes very sharp and defined. It helps if you start by thinking about the topic that you have chosen and why you have chosen it. You will need to remember these things as you begin the writing process.

You will need to do your research. The facts that you gather are what your editorial is completely dependent upon. If you do not have the facts that you need to write a good editorial then all you have is an opinion that is only half-formed. Thus, you really need to know and completely understand your argument. This means that you will have to research every part of your topic so that you can site all of the facts that you possibly can. You do not want to write generalities if you want to write a really good editorial.

You should consider taking a viewpoint that has never been taken before. You do not want to be forced to write from the majority’s standpoint simply because you are easily able to make those arguments. You need to think really hard for a long time about what your position is and then write from whatever standpoint you think is the most sensible. You should never compromise your own personal beliefs just in order to get a byline.

You should avoid exaggeration. While exaggeration is somewhat expected whenever you are in a heated debate, there is no room for it in an editorial that is well written. You should also stay away from saying “never” and “always” because you will have a difficult time backing these statements up with data. Using these words will only bring about criticism that can be fatal.

You need to understand the opposition’s standpoint. If you want to write a well formed, in depth editorial then you will need to know what the other side’s argument is. This means that you will need to take some time to research the opposing viewpoint and the facts that back it up. You will only be able to combat the opposing view once you have done this work.

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