Human Growth Hormone: The Key to a Younger You?

Searching for the all encompassing remedy to a more vitality and younger looking skin, Americans purchase anti-aging products at a phenomenal rate. For individuals with growth and development deficits, the use of recombinant Human Growth Hormone has sparked an interest into the anti-aging market. Understanding what Human Growth Hormone is, how it is used in the treatment of growth deficits and the implications to the anti-aging market, may stir society into a new direction for obtaining more youthful appearance.

Human Growth Hormone, also known as HGH, is found naturally within the body. Serving to promote healthy growth and development, HGH is produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) commonly spikes in production shortly after exercise and during sleep. Unfortunately, as aging occurs, levels of HGH diminish resulting in fatigue, lack of energy and decreased muscle and bone mass. Additionally, severe loss of Human Growth Hormone production is attributed to decreased immune responses, inadequate cell growth, decreased brain and memory function as well as a deterioration in healthy maintenance of skin, nails and hair. Lack of HGH is also shown to lead to abnormal weight gain.

In the United States, the use of recombinant Human Growth Hormone is common in treating childhood related diseases and disorders which stump growth prematurely. By utilizing recombinant HGH, the growth and density of bones are significantly improved. What researchers have also discovered is the use of HGH not only promotes growth and density but also improves the overall health and vitality of the patients who require the treatment. With this in mind, researchers are now examining the implication of recombinant Human Growth Hormone in the production of anti-aging products.

With this in mind, research is currently underway to determine the health implications of HGH use in adults. With most recent research results revealing the use of HGH, in adulthood, leads to improved muscle and connective tissue composition, improved cardiac response, improved immune system response and even a shift in body composition attributed to loss of fat and improved muscle tone. Used in small quantities, at low doses, the recombinant HGH may be the key to improved vitality and a more youthful appearance. Studies continue and researchers indicate products, containing small doses of recombinant HGH, may be on the market in the next year.

For centuries, society has searched out a method for improving quality of life and holding onto youthful appearances. With anti-aging products streaming through and proliferating the market, the obsession with vitality and youth has not wained. With the development of adult dosing Human Growth Hormone anti-aging products, the revolution of a more youthful apperance and improved vitality may be just a few test studies away.

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