Humor is the Window to Life

I had just finished building a bicycle, fresh out of the box. Bikes come with lots of pieces of cardboard, paper and bubble wrap to protect the pieces from scratching in transit. So I had removed all the wrapping and had placed it in a pile on the floor. I moved the bike out of the way, grabbed a small bag and began stuffing trash into it. As I picked up the last piece, I needed a little bit more room to get the rest into the bag, so I pushed to get the last little bit in there. When I did the bottom of the bag went out and all the trash I had just picked up went right back on the floor. I laughed, it was a silly situation, and I laughed at both myself and the situation. I laughed while getting a new bag and re-picking up the trash.

How would you have reacted if that had happened to you? Would you have laughed at yourself and the situation, or would you have had some other reaction? What if you had been there to see it happen, would you have laughed with me or at me?

Spontaneous humor is a highly individualized characteristic. Humor reflects a person’s sense of life and reflects your psychology and philosophy. Humor is a result of lateral thinking; it is a different way of looking at something. Some call it horizontal thinking, but no matter what the terminology it is a new and unexpected way of to look at something and how it developed. That surprise contrast between the expected view and the unexpected view is the essence of humor.

The way a person responds to that newly created view reflects the sense of life in both those who create and those that respond to that particular humor. The response to humor is spontaneous, quick, and automatic. That same response is an indicator of that person’s sense of life, whether it is benevolent, or malevolent.

Even when they try few people can fake their reaction to humor. To some who have an understanding of life; there is humor everywhere, and to others nothing is funny. Some people try to conceal their reaction to humor especially when another person is reacting with anger or dismay. Others have a delayed reaction, and the intensity of the reaction is greater than the original stimulus.

Identifying a person’s sense of life through humor is a very reliable indicator of their inner self. Being able to laugh, to see the humor, is a part of life that makes us happy. Meeting other people with a compatible sense of humor often brings about friendships that are highly durable. Humor is one of the most enjoyable aspects of life, being able to see the humor for what it is makes your life better.

Humor is something that you allow yourself to have. You let yourself see the situation as it is, not as it should have been according to you. You can allow yourself to enjoy the unexpected; it makes your day brighter.

When it is time to laugh; laugh! Feel free to snicker, giggle and guffaw. When something is funny enjoy it and laugh. Laugh with people and not at them, laugh at situation that you should have had a camera for. Try to explain why something is funny to those who don’t get it, but don’t go in to too much detail as it will spoil it for you.

Laugh at your self, when a situation is silly; laugh! Enjoy the moment, if it is a learning experience (like learning to check the bottom of a trash bag) then learn from it but enjoy the humor.

Some doctors or scientists have stated that laughter is the best medicine, so treat your self! (Pun intended)

Be Blessed
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