Hurricane Preparation Tips and Advice

Let’s face it. Another hurricane season is soon to be upon us. Whether or not you live in the gulf coast region or the Atlantic, a hurricane can affect you in some of the far away areas as well. Power loss, extreme winds and large rain falls are just a few of the major problems associated with hurricanes. When a hurricane affects areas of the south, many people are ill prepared for such a catastrophe. As a native Floridian, I have experienced many of these deadly storms first hand. Preparing in advance is one of the easiest ways to be safe before and after one of these deadly storms arrives.

During the arrival of a hurricane, especially where I live, the stores become empty of two things; bottled water and batteries. People just aren’t prepared for a hurricane until it is almost too late. I always act before hurricane season arrives and buy a few of the necessary items. I’ve listed some of the items you might need to get ready now, so when the time comes you won’t be left in the dark, literally.

Batteries and bottled water are the two main things people always buy. Do you know what kind of batteries you need? Quite a few people buy AA batteries when they don’t even need them. You need batteries for a portable radio/TV, flashlights and child’s toys. Buy these items if you don’t have them already. Keep the batteries fresh by putting them in a dark cool place in their original package. Batteries have an expiration date so old batteries may not be good anymore. Bottled water is easy enough to buy and store, but how much do you need? 2 liters minimum of drinking water per person and enough for washing and personal hygiene. You also should carry enough for three days of cooking.

Buying cooking supplies are one of the often neglected items many forget to purchase. Canned food and dried food are a must have. Don’t forget the manual can opener, that electric one just wont work with the power out. A camping stove or gas grill work great for cooking on when the power is out; just make sure that you purchase enough fuel in advance and store safely in a dark cool place. Also do not cook indoors. Carbon monoxide gas is fatal. Always cook outside. Candles are a good buy to help with the lighting of these cooking areas and they also help to remind you of the most important item you will need to cook outside, matches or lighters.

The last but not least of preparing in advance for a hurricane is to find a good strategy for evacuation. All too many times evacuation plans are hastily done at the last minute as the storm approaches. Get a map and plan in advance where the nearest shelters are in your area. Drive to them so you can easily remember where these places are and the best route to them. Plan with your family and friends in advance in case you have to meet them their in an emergency.

With a simple plan in place and items for weathering a storm are safely stored away you can be ready when one of these horrible natural disasters occur. A little planning can save a life and it certainly can save a lot of misery and needless suffering that a hurricane can cause.

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