I Can’t Live Without My Motrin Ibuprofen

Menstrual cramps are and have been in the past a major pain in my life and Ibuprofen is definitely a pain reliever I could not live without. Although, I am not a fan of taking a lot of medications I have to keep a stash of Motrin IB with me during that special time. My sister and I joke that we need a stash of Ibuprofen. As a teenager, I had severe menstrual cramps and every now and then as an adult I experience the same intense pain. Motrin IB – 800 mg – eliminates that annoying pain. I have tried Midol but without the Ibuprofen ingredient it is ineffective in alleviating menstrual cramps, at least in my case.

I purchased Motrin IB after hearing that Ibuprofen is what works to alleviate cramps. After using midol and not being relieved of anything, I decided to start using Ibuprofen, specifically Motrin Ibuprofen. I have tried just plain Ibuprofen but that didn’t seem to be as effective. The feature I love the most is that it eliminates menstrual cramps, plain and simple. Like any other medication I wish it would work much more quicker, within 30 minutes, at times it can take up to an hour or two before the pain subsides. I wish I didn’t have to take 800 mgs of Ibuprofen for it to eliminate cramps the whole day but when in pain you do want you have to do.

I am envious of women who don’t experience severe menstrual cramps or any cramps for that matter. Perhaps midol works for them. Most of the time Motrin Ibuprofen relieves the pain for the complete day, but a few times I need to take a second dosage of the medicine or at least half of the dosage. I recommend Ibuprofen if you suffer from severe menstrual cramps. Unfortunately, when I am having severe menstrual cramps I have had no success with tea, heating pads, or any other home remedies. However, for mild cramps I do recommend trying these treatments, along with taking primrose everyday prior to your menstrual cycle.

I believe Ibuprofen is the best way to treat severe menstrual cramps. However, if you are having severe menstrual cramps you may want to visit a gynecologist to make sure there is not a more serious condition like cysts or tumors. 800 mg capsules of Ibuprofen are not available over the counter, so you would need to visit your doctor to get a prescription. I have never tried to take four capsules of 200 mg of Ibuprofen, so I don’t know if that works or not. Perhaps, it does but I just have a problem or a fear taking several pills at one time.

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