I Know Everything

Sometimes when people are in groups there is a jerk. You can tell he is a jerk by his tone of voice. It is serious, often rude, and sounds like they are much to occupied to pay you any attention. This person, in my experiances, is often a know-it-all. Take for example my friend Brian. He is a ninteen year old boy of polish desent who revieves decent grades. He is in my band and one of my best friends, but sometimes he changes. About once a month like a were wolf, but much more scary. Suddenly he knows absolutely everything. A young boy who has never been to college or any other major city besides Hartford knows everything you could possibly imagine. He knows dates. He knows times. He knows what any person said to anyone about anything at any time it ever took place. Brian once told me that he knew how to play every single radiohead song on the guitar. He suddenly will know about woman. What they like, what turns them on. He gives advice on what to do on an upcoming date. Needless to say Brian always sounds like a complete retard. The words that come out of his mouth are like verbal diahreea. It makes me want to jump in front of a herd of angry elephants.
Also there is my friend Dennis. On Saturday nights we will go over to his house and party. He will become Einstien. He will become Newton. “O James! You can’t do it that way. It will burn the inside and melt the glass. Thus making the pipe useless and ruining the evening.” Dennis makes me want to shoot myself with a speargun. HOW the hell does he know. He dosen’t know. He only wants us to think he knows. I know that I want to puke when they tell me things that they have no clue what they are talking about. “No Dennis you don’t know how to breed spanish horses.” “No Brian, you don’t know anything about carberators. Sometimes people think they are smart. That is when you know they are dumb. They only thing I know is that I don’t know anything. Some people need to learn that.

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