I Know Why the Maytag Repairman is Lonely

I know why the Maytag repair man is lonely-and it has absolutely nothing to do with the reliability of the product.

He’s lonely because he has no manners and the complaints against him and the products are deserved.

This comment has to do with our dishwasher. Due to the fact that our first Maytag ruined our floors, the company paid our deductible and gave us a coupon to help offset the price of a new one (as if a 5 year old dishwasher is a symbol of antiquity). So we bought a new one and paid for the extended warranty. Good thing for us! Within two months the handle broke. Three months later the racks, both upper and lower, fell apart and they sent new ones. After a year, the handle broke again followed by round two of the racks.

Two weeks ago, the upper basket again fell apart, again. We called-for the first time (on the racks, not the handle) Maytag said we had to have a technician come out and verify that the basket was indeed the part. We made the appointment.

My husband requested that the technician call me on my cell phone and I’d be able to meet him at our home within five minutes. He asked if this was okay. The guy said “no problem”. Evidently, he not only likes to be extremely rude, he also likes to lie-BIG TIME.

No call came. Got home there was a tag on the door. Went in and the man left me a message screaming at me that I had some nerve not being at the house and if I had any intention of him coming back I’d better have $49.95 ready for him!

I called and said you were supposed to call my cell phone. He actually began to curse at me and repeat his threat of the service call fee. I held my tongue, made another appointment-telling him I was not paying for his mistake. He screamed more trash. What he didn’t realize was that I taped it.

Next morning, I called the Maytag Dependability Plus phone line. I told the poor unfortunate soul named Christina what had happened. She told me he called and left them a message saying we weren’t there and he was going to charge the fee. When I gave my side of the story I added, “If it was too much to call the right number, he should have said so. Would you like to hear what he said?”

I started the tape. Afterwards, she said she’d find another person and cancel the scheduled appointment. I also said I wanted to report him to a supervisor.

The next time you see a commercial for any Maytag product-you’ve been warned, the product is no better than what they’d like to pass off as customer service.

Epilogue: Another company came out. It was actually the one who repaired the handles. As of this date-the part is on order; if we’re lucky we will see it in about 10 days. Maytag Dependability Plus has never apologized for the guy and the supervisor never did call me back to let me know of the other company’s appointment. I called in the morning to find out the information myself-or no one would have been home again. Oh, the supervisor also didn’t call and cancel the first company’s appointment.

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