IRobot Roomba Vacuum Review

It seems like a dream come true. While you are away or doing something else, a robot is vacuuming your dirty floors. You leave your house with a dirty floor and when you come home, “Surprise!” the floor is clean. Sounds like too much of a fantasy, huh? Well, the truth is that there is a robotic vacuum. It is called the IRobot Roomba, but it is really a dream come true vacuum.

I received this vacuum as a gift for Christmas. Originally, I would never pay the steep cost of $329.99. It just seems like a lot of money for something that cleans my house. I think a maid for a week or two would be cheaper. I am not positive how much mine cost exactly, but it came in a complete kit. As I was looking at the product’s website, all the stuff I got in my box looked like you had to buy it separately. So, I do not suggest buying this off the manufacturer’s website.

My first impression of it was that it was cute. It’s small and looks very futuristic. It took three hours to charge and requires 2 D batteries and 2 A batteries. So, I think the cost of batteries will add up, as well. It was pretty easy to figure out through the instruction manual.

It does not make a whole lot of noise. It was small enough to get under the table and chairs. It also has a special sensor that can help it get out of tight spots and not get stuck against the wall. You can program it to vacuum when you are gone as well. I also love that it does not take up a lot of room.

The only problems I have found wrong with this machine is that it does not pick up some stuff that a bigger vacuum would. It has also spit out a few pieces a couple of times. With the exception of me having to pick up those larger pieces with my hand and throw them away, the IRobot Roomba does clean quite well. I have done some research and found that it is sold at places like Costco and Target for about $200. That is still expensive for me, but if you can afford it, it is worth it. An added bonus that comes with the vacuum that the manufacturer’s never mentioned was that it also keeps my little dog entertained and exercised.

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