Illegal Immigration and What You Aren’t Being Told!

(Author’s note: Before you read this piece I would like to make it clear that I consider the vast majority of pre-amnesty Hispanic immigrants to not only deserve their hard-earned US citizenship, but also recognize them as a critical part of the USA’s power and strength in the world. Do a bit of historical research and you will quickly see the tremendous contributions made to our country by people with Hispanic surnames. We have been very fortunate to have such a brilliant, creative and highly productive people want to come to the USA to become citizens. I recall a very brave and deeply principled Peruvian man who had just earned his US citizenship, legally and by the rules. After investing so much time and effort in obtaining his citizenship he subsequently risked everything to protect the life of a child, not related to him. He had to stand alone against a group of powerful, deeply entrenched “colleagues” who were using unethical and illegal means to test a dangerous treatment on the child. They were willing to take the risk of their actions because it had a very high probability of making them all very wealthy. With his new US citizenship metaphorically not even dry yet, he blew the whistle on his lowlife “colleagues”. His actions touched off a firestorm of controversy and eventually resulted in the dismissal of the wrongdoers. Despite the fact there was an attempted cover-up and that he was being subjected to intense pressure, he stood firm and eventually won. I didn’t learn about this man’s selfless actions on my behalf until I was a young adult. He had always been good to my siblings and me. But until adulthood, I never had a clue about what he had done. If not for him, it is likely that I would not even be here, much less be able to write. Therefore, I would caution you about assuming that I am a bigoted, anti-Hispanic racist!)

I will not rehash the issues surrounding illegal immigration that you have been inundated with for the last several months. It is reasonable to conclude that if you are reading this article, you are already more than aware of the issues and the arguments focused on by the media. However, some of the most important factors in this controversy are not being talked about at all. This effort to hide the truth and prevent discussion amongst the American people is critically important to the “pro-illegals” faction. They realize that if publicized, these issues could knock down their house of cards and end any public support for illegal immigration amnesty.

The single most important factor responsible for these illegal immigrant-supporting politicians is votes. Not your vote or mine, but the votes of millions of illegals who will gain citizenship and the right to vote through amnesty and then will be beholden to the politicians/parties who made that happen. Logically, the strongest supporters of illegal immigration are liberal politicians and the moderate conservatives from districts heavily-populated by Hispanics. Not surprisingly, politicians of Mexican descent tend to be consistently supportive of amnesty for illegals. However, in their case, a reasonable argument can be made that such support is mostly motivated by legitimate concern for their countrymen’s well being. Liberal politicians may claim the same motivation but take a look at where they live and where they educate their children. Once you do that it becomes quite obvious that their primary motivation is not the well being of illegal Mexican immigrants.

Now some might say that in a country approaching a population of 300 million persons, 12 million is just a drop in the bucket. Of course those people would be dead wrong. A little bit of simple arithmetic will elucidate my point. For arguments sake, let us agree on a couple of estimated numbers. The first is that a significant percentage of the U.S. population will not vote due to age (too young/too old) or infirmity; let’s say about 40%. So that alone will decrease their voting power by a 120 million (leaving 180 million potential voters). Then the actual amount of those voters who will bother to vote, history points out that it very unlikely to exceed 60% (now leaving 108 million). Now of that group, let’s say that 18% of those are Hispanic and are very likely to vote with the “new” amnesty granted citizens from Mexico. That then leaves the potential ‘unbiased” American vote at about 89 million. Now, let’s apply the same arithmetic to the 12 million new “citizens. First off both sides agree that there are about 12 million illegals in the U.S. at this time. What is not known is what percentage of them is of voting age. However, about 98% of the illegals captured are either of voting age or will soon be; “that leaves about 11,760,00 voters”. History shows that an extremely high percentage of newly anointed Hispanic citizens vote. Something again like 98% (which leaves about 11.5 million).

Difficult to calculate is the fact that new Mexican-Americans do tend to concentrate in states with lots of electoral votes and lots of liberals. However it is safe to say that people who claim to vote consistently liberal democrat is about 35%. (that leaves about 58 million people who, theoretically, may vote independent or conservative). Now, after accounting for all of these calculations, the Hispanic vote that will vote consistently pro-Hispanic/pro-illegal is about 43 million. Looking again at the 58 million remaining independent/conservative, let’s say that at least 65% of them will vote against the Hispanic block (about 38 million). That places 38 million conservative voters against 43 million pro-Hispanic/pro-illegals, pro-liberal votes! Still think that 12 million voters are insignificant? If you do, you won’t once you are forced to comply with the new bi-lingual requirements, the voting in of many millions more Mexican-American “citizens” that have “priority” over all other applicants for immigration and, worst of all, the change in the American dream from “the land of opportunity, work hard, and you will succeed” to the Mexican socialism history of “the state will provide for you by taxing the wealthy (anyone who makes more money than you) because they are the exploiters of the working class”.

Now I do have to admit that the above numbers are very rough estimates and there could be considerable variance from what I calculated. However, even accounting for such “errors” the Mexican-American voting block would still be able to overwhelm any other voting block in America! Could we still call the USA a world power, or will we be a country that de-evolved from a once sophisticated, innovative world power to a polluted, de-forested third-world socialist country that is struggling to overcome illiteracy, an exploding birth rate and the re-emergence of once beaten diseases into the general population. Will we be in line with the other third-world countries hoping for a handout from the healthier, wealthier European countries?

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution requiring us as a country to accept all of the illegal immigrants that Mexico is willing to throw at us. The Mexican government has a huge stake in our illegal immigrants because said illegals send many millions of dollars home every year they are gone and working in the USA. Furthermore, they would like to see all of their so-called expatriates become US citizens, as that would allow Mexico to “take back” what they consider their property by overrunning and overwhelming our democratic government. And, cleverly, they can do this without having to fire a shot. In fact, if they can use the Mexicans already in the US, legal or otherwise, to apply pressure to US politicians, they will have essentially completed the first step in usurping our current government. The irony of the fall of the USA to Mexico, will leave our enemies chuckling for years to come: so much for all of the generations before ours who fought to make and preserve this country. We will have been beaten by a third-world country using our liberal foolishness and our own Constitution against us. If the liberals and current Mexican-Americans are so concerned about the welfare of the illegals and their poorer countrymen, why not just send more money back home to improve their lives? At this point it would probably be cost-effective to massively increase aid to Mexico if it would keep them on their side of the border.

Most intelligent, reasonable people will agree that new immigrants are one of the things that made this country strong. However, those immigrants came here by following the rules. By using orderly immigration, a great deal of control can be used to keep out criminals, the mentally ill and violent subversives. Furthermore, this type of control is able to ensure that virtually all new immigrants learn about the US system, begin the process of assimilation and learn to be part of the USA. However, by creating this so-called “path to citizenship” for the 12 million illegals already here, we would have virtually no control and we will have created a voting subclass that has virtually no idea what it means to be an American. Whatever we have allowed in illegally will be what we get. Given the current political climate, it is ridiculous to believe that by passing another law, we will be able to expel those illegals that shouldn’t be here. Anyone who saw what happened with the last amnesty will know just how stupid such a belief is.

America is currently beset with a great deal of new and difficult “challenges”. Overall we have successfully resisted many attempts to bring this country down by a variety of different means. However, we should have had a enough close calls and failed campaigns to realize that the current “immigration” issue is actually a smokescreen for a new, insidious way to wrest control of our country from us. This challenge is far more dangerous to us than terrorism, hostile invasion and government corruption (though all of these would flourish if Mexico takes us over). It is time for all Americans to wake up and recognize the threat that has already come through our gates. If we don’t recognize it soon, it won’t be long before we don’t recognize the USA at all. There are many other ways to help people that are far better than giving our country away. It is time to stand up and rein in the opportunistic politicians that are hoping for short-term political profit at the expense of our future!

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