Illustrations of a Submersible Well Pump

If you are considering replacing your submersible well pump and have already researched about doing it yourself then this guide may be helpful to you. Assuming you understand how to pull out the pump and reconnect the new one the photos included may further help you in visualizing what the pump, discharge pipe and power wires look like inside of the well casing. I have another article of guidelines for replacing a submersible well pump, which gives more details and instructions of how to do it yourself.

The first photo shows the well head cover with the discharge pipe disconnected and the wiring disconnected. Turn off power at circuit breaker in breaker panel before doing any of the following steps. The well head cover has 4 bolts which must be loosened to remove the cover. These bolts go into a rubber plug which expands when the bolts are tightened and contracts when loosened. Loosen the bolts enough to twist off the cover, once loose let it rest on the side of the casing.

The second photo shows fastening a rope to the well head to help assist the lifting of pump and discharge poly pipe. Two people are needed for this as one person to stay at head and lift and the other to pull on rope until another grip is made to continue lifting.

The third photo is the submersible pump and motor assembly and shows the discharge pipe and wiring.

The fourth photo shows the new pump assembly connected and wired ready for re- insertion down the casing. Tape the power wires about every 2’to the poly pipe so it doesn’t get in the way when lowering it back down. Test the pump before lowering it into the casing by turning on power momentarily and off to check that it works.

The fifth photo is showing well cap cover back in place. Retighten the bolts and reconnect the wiring and discharge pipe. Cover the bolts and lid with grease to prevent further rusting for the next time you have to service the pump.

When considering doing home improvements and repairs yourself check out these construction photos and do it yourself information.

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